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Brand Registration FAQ

​What is required for brand label registration?

For each brand label please provide a brand label registration application, a copy of the approved TTB COLA, and the $40 registration fee.  Minnesota Licensed Farm Wineries are required to complete brand registration, but are exempt from the registration fee.

Can a brand be registered by multiple importers?

Brands can be registered by multiple importers, who hold and can provide authorization by the brand owner

Which brands are required to be registered?

All brands manufactured, imported into, or sold in Minnesota are required to be registered.

Do I have to register each appellation, year, and size?

Each appellation requires a brand registration, each year and size do not.

How long are the registrations valid for?

Each brand registration is valid for three years.

FAQ does not cover all information, please read Minnesota State Statues and Rules, or contact our office.
Brand Registration (340a.311, 7515.0800)
Updated on 10/09/2014