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Alcohol Enforcement issues manufacturing wholesale licenses, approves some retail licenses and serves as the statewide repository for all remaining retail license records. Enforcement activities include undercover investigations to support criminal prosecution of illegal sales to minors, and promotion and trade practice violations.  

In 2010, Alcohol Enforcement conducted 1,075 investigations regarding alcohol-related complaints. 86 cases resulted in administrative penalties being imposed totaling $20,000. Additionally, 431 pre-license inspections were conducted, 184 meetings were attended or training provided, and 83 violation or background checks conducted.



  • Approve issue and regulate all alcohol beverage licenses and permits — AGED is responsible for approval, issuance and regulation of approximately 20,000 retail, wholesale, manufacturing licenses and permits. The division acts as the central repository of alcohol license, liquor liability insurance and violation records. AGED generates $2,400,000 in license revenue annually.

  • Brand label registration — AGED registers and monitors approximately 56,000 alcohol brand label registrations. Each brand of alcoholic beverage that is imported into or sold within the state requires label registration with the state.

  • Investigate alcohol-related complaints and licensed premises — AGED responds to complaints regarding the sale, distribution and possession of alcoholic beverages, including: after-hour sales, sales without a license, sale from illegal sources, illegal importation and transportation, underage sales, illegal promotion, sale from an illegal premises, illegal gambling on licensed premises, and tampering or watering alcoholic beverages

  • Alcohol promotion and advertising -— AGED is responsible for assuring that alcoholic beverages are promoted reasonably and responsibly. Advertising of alcoholic beverages may not be false or misleading, and it may not contain statements that it is beneficial or healthful.

  • Enforcing underage drinking laws — AGED, in conjunction with the Federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, addresses underage drinking at the local level. The law enforcement liaison also provides education and information regarding underage drinking laws to licensed retailers and local law enforcement.

  • Impose civil penalties — AGED is given the authority to impose civil penalties against liquor law violators. Investigations are conducted to determine compliance with the state’s alcohol beverages laws and in response to complaints.

Alcohol Training