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Forensic Science

What's New 

Updated Acceptance Criteria and Evidence Submission Forms

The BCA Forensic Science Services has issued a revised policy on case acceptance.  This policy establishes acceptance criteria for each discipline of forensic testing.  This policy assists agencies and the BCA in determining what should be submitted for analysis.

In addition, revised forms have also been issued.  Please ensure to use the 001-EV forms dated September 30, 2016.  The forms are designed to streamline the submission and evidence testing.  The evidence submission forms are fillable PDFs.  The forms are set-up by case type and include Crimes Against Persons (001-EV-CAP), Criminal Sexual Conduct (001-EV-CSC), Controlled Substance (001-EV-DRG), Fire Investigation (001-EV-FI), and Property Crimes (001-EV-PC).  For larger submissions, there is an Additional Evidence Submission Form (001-EV-ADD) that can accompany the primary case type form.  Please note that driving related cases must fill out a 001-EV form if submitting more than blood or urine kit evidence.  If the driving related incident involves only a blood or urine kit then you need not submit a 001-EV.  The kit sheet is sufficient for these types of cases.  Select the links below to view the revised policy and forms.  They are also located on the Evidence Submission Page.

Case Acceptance Criteria

Crimes Against Persons (001-EV-CAP)

Criminal Sexual Conduct (001-EV-CSC)

Controlled Substance (001-EV-DRG)

Fire Investigation (001-EV-FI)

Property Crimes (001-EV-PC)

Additional Evidence Submission Form (001-EV-ADD)



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