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Forensic Science

What's New 

Statewide Accounting of Untested Rape Kits

The 2015 Minnesota Legislature passed Senate File 878, which, among other things, requires all law enforcement agencies and forensic laboratories to inventory untested rape kits and submit a report to the BCA by August 1, 2015.  The BCA will then compile all the information into a final report for submission back to the legislature and the Minnesota Attorney General.  More detailed information is included in the cover letter available below.

Statewide Accounting of Untested Rape Kits - Cover Letter

Required Untested Rape Kits Form  Return to BCA by August 1

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Controlled Substance Syringe Contents Reporting Policy

The Drug Chemistry Section issued a revised procedure for the reporting of volumes and weights for submitted items of evidence removed from syringes.  Select the links below for the new Syringe Contents Reporting Policy and the Controlled Substance Acceptance Policy.

BCA Controlled Substance Syringe Contents Reporting Policy

BCA Controlled Substances Policy



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