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Forensic Science

What's New 

Digital and Multimedia Evidence Earns International Accreditation

The scope of accreditation for the BCA Forensic Science Services St. Paul Testing Laboratory has been expanded to include the Digital and Multimedia Evidence discipline and computer forensics category of testing.  The BCA Digital and Multimedia Section is responsible for the preservation and retrieval of digital evidence related to criminal cases.  Digital and Multimedia Evidence joins the other seven forensic testing disciplines at the BCA Forensic Science Services Testing Laboratory with accreditation based on the ASCLD/LAB-International Program.

ASCLD/LAB-International Accredited Calibration & Testing Laboratories ISO/IEC 17025

                                  ALI-017-C                                                                                         ALI-099-T (St. Paul)  /  ALI-100-T (Bemidji)