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Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Statute

Starting January 1, 2021, ALL Unrestricted Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits are required to be submitted to a forensic laboratory. The BCA Forensic Science Services (FSS) qualifies as one of these forensic laboratories. Also starting January 1, 2021, ALL Restricted Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits are required to be submitted to the BCA FSS. For more information, please select the link below.

Sexual Assault Kit Information

Minnesota Track-Kit​

The BCA works with health care and law enforcement agencies to maintain a sexual assault evidence collection kit tracking system accessible to survivors.

Track-Kit is a comprehensive, statewide, web-based sexual assault evidence collection kit tracking system.  It provides survivors with the ability to track the location and status of their kit, from the point of collection, to its final storage location.  Track-Kit is mobile-friendly, anonymous, confidential, and free of charge to users.​

Track-Kit Reference Guides

Select the link below to access the web-based portal:

delta-9-THC Quantitation Capabilities Now Include Concentrates

The BCA Forensic Science Services has completed validation activities and is online with a testing procedure for determining the delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration in suspected THC concentrate samples (e.g. "waxes").  This service will supplement the testing already available for plant material (suspected marijuana) and liquids suspected of containing delta-9-THC. For more information, please follow the links below.

THC Quantitation Expansion to include Concentrates (02/09/2022​)

THC Quantitation Implementation for Plant Material and Liquids (12/04/2020) 

THC Quantitation F​AQ​ (UPDATED 02/09/2022)

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