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Motor Carrier/Prorate Forms

MCS150 Motor Carrier Identification Report
PS2230 Minnesota Presence Affidavit
​PS2231 New Prorate Application Questionnaire
PS2232 Estimated Mileage Worksheet
PS2234 New Prorate Account Checklist
PS2237 IRP/IFTA Record Keeping Fact Sheet
PS2261 ​IFTA License and Decals Application
PS2262 EFT Authorization Form
PS2268 Temporary Registration/Fuel Permit Request
​​PS2268 Temporary Registration/Fuel Permit Request / EFT Authorization
PS2269 Temporary Authority Fax Coversheet
PS2276 ​Minnesota IRP Application
​​New Prorate Account Packet
Irrevocable Letter of Credit
IRP/IFTA Self-Service Web Entry Access Application


Motor Carrier/Prorate Documents

IRP Transaction Reference Guide
​​IRP Renewal Guide
Minnesota IRP License Manual
​Fact Sheet - IRP Reporting Changes for 2015
Fact Sheet - MN Average Per Vehicle Estimated Distance Chart (2015)
Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act Overview
Truck and trailer Brochure
Hazardous Materials Endorsement Brochure
Hazardous Materials Fingerprint Collection Sites
Close IFTA/IRP Account - Just the Facts​
Customer Service Incident Report
Minnesota IRP/IFTA Registration Information Video (YouTube)

Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) - BASIC Fact Sheets

(Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category)

Vehicle Maintenance
Driver Fitness
Fatigued Driving
Controlled Substance/Alcohol
Crash Indicator