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Certified Ignition Interlock Manufacturers

The following manufacturers have been certified in the State of Minnesota. To locate an ignition interlock service provider in your area, call one of the ignition interlock manufacturers listed below. The Department of Public Safety does not regulate prices, so you should call each manufacturer to compare prices and determine which manufacturers have a location near you.


(877) 777-5020
(855) 855-4542
Smart Start MN
(952) 224-7050
(866) 966-5245 
LifeSafer Interlock, Inc.
(800) 745-0331
Draeger Safety Diagnostics, Inc.
(800) 332-6858


Note: The State of Minnesota does not endorse any manufacturers, vendors, or products. Their appearance on this page confirms only that the products have been certified by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and meet federal rules for breath alcohol ignition interlock devices.