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Frequently Asked Questions




Why does the device have a camera?

The camera will take a picture (or a series of pictures) during the initial breath test to start the car, during any rolling retests, and during any violations. This allows DVS to verify who is using the device and prevent the participant from using someone else to provide the breath tests. Although the participant is responsible for all breath samples provided, the photos will allow DVS to review photos if necessary.

Who should I contact if I am having problems with my ignition interlock device?

If you have a complaint or concern regarding the service you are receiving from a certified ignition interlock vendor or service provider, please contact that provider directly and request to speak to a manager or supervisor in their central office. If, after contacting the provider, you are still not satisfied with their response, please email your concerns to the Driver and Vehicle Services Division at Please make sure to include your contact information including your name, driver’s license number, date of birth, current interlock provider, and a brief description of the issue.

When am I eligible to drive my vehicle equipped with the ignition interlock device?

You must have a limited or restricted license from DVS before you are legally allowed to drive.  Therefore, you must have someone drive you to the service provider to install the device. After you have completed your paperwork and installed the device, DVS will process your license application.

If you are revoked: 
You are not legally able to drive until you have received notification from DVS that you have been reinstated with the ignition interlock restriction  You can check your status by calling 651-284-2000 or visiting  Once your status shows valid, you are able to drive on your yellow receipt until you receive your plastic card in the mail.

If you are canceled: 
You are not legally able to drive until you have been issued a limited license and are in possession of it.

In extreme weather, can I start my car and let it run until the car warms up or cools down?

No. The device will ask for random rolling retests while the vehicle is running.  Failure to provide a breath sample will be considered a skipped rolling retest.

What if I need service work done on the vehicle?  Will that be considered a tamper?

Contact your service provider prior to having work done on your vehicle. The service provider can work with your mechanic to avoid any tamper violations.

Can I apply for an identification card?

If you want to apply for an identification card while on a limited license you may do so. However, the identification card must be invalidated before your plastic driver’s license can be issued.

Who do I contact regarding special registration plates?

Contact the plate impound unit at (651) 297-5034.

Am I eligible to get off the program early for good behavior?

No. There is no reduction in the length of your enrollment.

What if my implied consent is rescinded?  Can I get my money back?

No. The State will not reimbursement any expenses incurred for installing, maintaining, monitoring or removing the ignition interlock device.

What if I am enrolled in the partial pay program?

You will be allowed to participate in the ignition interlock device program after you have complied with the requirements of the partial pay program and have paid your first installment. If you fail to make the second payment, you are no longer eligible to participate in the program.

Can the interlock unit drain my battery or damage my vehicle?

No.  Problems occur only if your vehicle has an existing electrical problem or if the vehicle’s battery has died. The device is connected to the wiring under the dash and under the hood. At the end of the program, this wiring is restored to its original condition.

Will the interlock shut off my engine or stop my vehicle?

No. The ignition interlock device will not shut off your engine if a breath test is failed. It is designed to prevent the car from starting without a passing breath test. If you fail a test while driving, the device records a violation but will not stop your car.

What if I don’t have a driver’s license?  What if I only have an instruction permit?

If you are canceled, you can apply for an ignition interlock instruction permit.

Can I rent a car?

You must drive a vehicle equipped with the ignition interlock device at all times.  The device must be installed by a certified vendor.

How can I become an installer of the ignition interlock device?

Please contact one of the certified manufacturers on the DVS website for more information.

How can I become a certified manufacturer in Minnesota?

Please send an email to with your inquiry.

What if I need more training on how to use and blow into the device?

Contact your service provider for additional training.

Can I switch vendors? 

Yes. DVS allows participants to change vendors at any time.  Check with your service contract to determine if there are any early termination fees.

What if the ignition interlock device is destroyed or stolen?

In the event the device is either destroyed in a car accident or stolen, DVS will allow the participant 7 days to reinstall the device. The participant should notify DVS of the situation as soon as possible.