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Applying for a Job with DPS?

The Department of Public Safety receives hundreds of applications for our vacancies. Some of the most common errors lead to resumes that are not forwarded to the hiring supervisor. Follow our top five tips for a successful application:  

  • Vacancies are posted with minimum and preferred qualifications. Ensure your resume highlights how you meet all of the minimum qualifications and any of the preferred qualifications.
  • Resumes and applications must come through the Resume Builder software program. Cover letters, reference letters, alternative resume versions, etc. are not forwarded to the hiring supervisor.
  • Once a resume is created in Resume Builder, it can be updated and revised. Saving the resume means you can see the changes but Human Resources cannot. Saving and submitting the resume uploads the changed resume to the database and the Human Resources team can see your changes.
  • Save a copy of the vacancy announcement (either electronically or printed). It’s a good reference if contacted for an interview and contains helpful information when checking on the status of an application.
  • Does the vacancy require a words-per-minute (WPM) typing speed? An approved, recent (within the last 12 months), five-minute typing test is required at the time of interview.