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Impaired Driving Facts

Comprehensive Annual Impaired Driving Data Reports

OTS publishes Minnesota Motor Vehicle Impaired Driving Facts annually. This report is a source of reliable statistics that help to quantify the scope of the impaired driving problem by presenting impaired driving crash data, DWI arrest statistics, DWI conviction rates and more.

Annual Minnesota Motor Vehicle Impaired Driving Facts Reports 

State Convictions for Refusal to Test

(Based on data provided by Driver and Vehicle Services and MNIT)

​2010 ​1,345
​2011 ​1,336
​2012 ​1,321
​2013 ​1,246
​2014 ​1,245
​2015 ​1,271
​2016 ​1,217
​2017 ​1,296
​2018 ​471 (through 9/30/18)