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An appliance that saves lives

A gear washer at a fire stationThere are special washing machines – known to firefighters as “gear washers” – designed to remove the carcinogens that build up in the turnout gear they wear when they fight fires. Why is that important? Because those carcinogens, also known as toxic combustion byproducts, stick around long after a firefighter leaves a call, causing health problems such as lung damage, chronic bronchitis and cancer. But they can be prohibitively expensive. Thanks to a grant allocated by the State Fire Marshal Division, 145 Minnesota fire departments have been able to buy gear washers and dryers since 2015.

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How to put out a grease fire: The dos and don'ts

​Putting water on a grease fire can have an explosive effect that be deadly, cause severe burns or destroy your home.

Kitchen fires kill people every year in Minnesota. Here are some kitchen fire prevention and safety reminders: 

  • Always stay in the kitchen while cooking on the stove. A grease fire can happen very quickly and spread in seconds.
  • If a grease fire does happen, slide a lid or cookie sheet over the pan and turn off the burner.
  • Never put water on a grease fire or try to move the pan. 

Featured Video

Video Description: Working smoke alarms gave a Paynesville woman and her granddaughter the critical seconds needed to safely escape a burning home.