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A few minutes could save your life

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Smoke alarms save lives — both humans and animals — but only if they work.

People die every year in Minnesota homes without working smoke alarms. Those deaths are preventable. 

Take a few minutes each month to test your smoke alarms. All it takes is a push of a button to potentially save your life. More information about smoke alarms is available in this fact sheet. ​​

Gasoline and fire: A potentially life-changing combination

​“My burns are a blessing and a curse.”

Those are the words of Jessica Patterson, a Minnesota woman who survived third-degree burns after someone dumped gasoline on an outdoor fire. 

Check out these tips​​ for keeping your recreational fire safe. 

Featured Video

This video gives you a unique behind-the-scenes look as two Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division investigators dig through the rubble at a Twin Cities motel fire.