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Smoke alarms save lives but only if they work

​People die every year in Minnesota homes where smoke alarms are absent or not properly working. 

Those deaths are preventable, which is why State Fire Marshal Bruce West urges everyone to test their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms monthly. Batteries should be changed at least once a year. Alarms should be replaced after 10 years. Learn more about smoke alarms in this fact sheet.

An escape plan could save your life

Teaching kids to escape.jpg
This story​ about four children escaping an overnight house fire in southern Minnesota is a great reminder the importance of practicing your fire escape plan with your children. It could save their lives.

Important reminder: Keep your gas meter clear

Fire Marshal Bruce West is asking Minnesotans​ to check gas meters on their homes and other buildings to be sure they stay free of ice and snow that can block the regulator vent and cause it to malfunction.

Featured Video

Video Description: Working smoke alarms gave a Paynesville woman and her granddaughter the critical seconds needed to safely escape a burning home.