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Fire Deaths: What a Difference a Year Makes

A burned out trailer house after a fatal fire in Alexandria caused by careless smoking.

Maybe you started plugging the space heater into the wall rather than that power strip in the basement. Perhaps you’re now keeping a coffee can full of wet sand outside for your smoke breaks, rather than tossing your cigarettes in the garden. Or you took the kids to the store to buy a whole bunch of flameless candles and got rid of all your real ones.

Small changes like these could be contributing factors to the 47 percent drop in fire deaths in 2018.

Read our blog to find out how we can keep that downward trend going.​

Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response Presentation

Featuring: Chief Otto Drozd
When: Feb. 20 & 21 (Burnsville, SBM & Brainerd)
Cost: Free (sponsored by the Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division)
Register: Flyer and registration information​

This valuable active shooter/hostile event response presentation from Otto Drozd is a must-see. 

Chief Drozd was appointed Orange County Florida Fire Rescue Department chief in 2012. The department currently serves more than one million citizens and responded to 124,000 calls last year. 

In the aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, with the support of the IAFC, IAFF, and metro chiefs, Chief Drozd proposed the creation of a national standard and currently serves as a technical committee member on NFPA 3000 (Standard for Response to Active Shooter/Hostile Events) as well as a technical committee member on NFPA 1616 (Standard on Mass Evacuation).​

Featured Video

Video Description: If you don’t already have a carbon monoxide alarm, Cheryl Burt’s story will make you want to buy one. She hopes her tragic story and her sons’ deaths are all the reason you need to buy CO alarms for your home and test them monthly.