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Make the holidays delicious … and safe

Flames shooting out of a kitchen fire safety trailer during a demonstration

There’s nothing like gathering with friends and family over a delicious holiday meal, warm and cozy in your home, festive candles ablaze. But it just so happens that cooking, heating and open flames – those staples of holiday atmosphere – are also the three leading causes of house fires in Minnesota. In fact, the time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is often the busiest time for fires; last year, 13 people died in fires in November, December and January alone.

Fortunately, holiday fires are preventable. Check out these holiday fire safety tips in this blog.

Tips for staying warm and safe this winter

A blanket catching fire on a space heaterThere's no getting around it: Winter weather is inevitable, and you've had the heat on for a couple of weeks. Staying warm is good, whether it's from a furnace, fire in the fireplace, or space heater. But the very things that keep us cozy in the cold can endanger our lives. When the temperature drops, the number of fires typically spikes.

Fortunately, like most fires, wintertime fires are mostly preventable if you just take a few precautions on the front end. The latest DPS blog will tell you how to stay safe while you're keeping warm.​​

Is there a 'silent killer' in your home?

​Could your stove, furnace or fireplace be putting you at risk?

It could be if it’s producing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide incidents are more common during the winter months because people may use unsafe heat sources or don't follow fire safety rules.

Make sure your CO alarms are working properly and test them once a month. Clear snow build-up from dryer, furnace, stove and fireplace vents. And never use grills inside.

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Video Description: Most smoking-related fire deaths happen inside homes where a smoker improperly extinguishes a cigarette. This video explains how tragedy strikes.