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Can You See Your Fire Hydrant? If You Can't, Neither Can First Responders

​Don’t wait until you’re hydrant is buried under ice and snow.

Keep it cleared all winter. This video will tell you everthing you need to know.  


Don't Get A Penalty This Super Bowl Sunday: Stay in the Kitchen While Cooking

​Super Bowl 50’s lineup has been set. Many people will tune in to watch the game or maybe for the commercials.

We won’t throw a flag if you follow this important tip: Stay in the kitchen while you cook your big game snacks.

Attention all Minnesota fire departments: 2015 Reports Due Soon

​The year is coming to an end which means it’s time to complete your 2015 incident reporting.  Reports are due Feb. 29. 

Your department will be considered non-reporting if you miss the deadline. Non-Reporting departments are not eligible for federal and state fire grants and other state sponsored training opportunities. 

If you forgot your username or password please contact Scott Radke or Nora Gierok for assistance.

Featured Video

Video Description: A reminder from the Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division to help your local firefighters by digging out fire hydrants near your home and business. Fires double in size every minute so it's crucial that firefighters have immediate access to water.