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Fire investigation: More than just ashes

Fire investigators search through a car after a garage fire

What images come to mind when you think of fire investigations? Perhaps an investigator in sooty turnout gear, sifting through piles of ash in the smoking aftermath of a fire? Finding a piece of evidence that has burned beyond recognition and is now the size of a grain of sand? Using it to figure out what happened in this burnt-out husk of a building that was once someone’s livelihood or home?

You’re right: Fire investigators do all those things. But there’s more to it than that. Learn about all the aspects of fire investigation – and how it benefits all of us – in the latest DPS blog.​

Fire departments have plenty to offer at open houses

Many Minnesota departments hold open houses in the late summer and early fall. Open houses are a great way to meet your local firefighters and learn about what they do and how to keep your family safe.

Contact your local fire department to see if and when you can stop by and meet your local firefighters. We have also compiled a list of open houses we know ab​out.​​   

Check out our Lending Library for some great resources

Sparky the fire dog outside at a grand opening.

Sparky was a hit at the recent grand opening of the Firefighter Park Dog Park in Zimmerman. 

Our Lending Library is full of great resources for Minnesota fire departments. You can borrow books, DVDs, and more — including one of our Sparky costumes. 

Here is a list of items you can check out from our Lending Library. 

Featured Video

This video gives you a unique behind-the-scenes look as two Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division investigators dig through the rubble at a Twin Cities motel fire.