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What's New?

Use extreme caution when using generators during power outages

​Using a generator inside a home or any building during a power outage can cause a deadly carbon monoxide leak.

Do not place a generator inside an enclosed or partially enclosed space even if the windows are open. Place you generator outside away from doors and windows. Carbon monoxide is found in fumes produced by portable generators and can build up in enclosed or partially enclosed spaces and kill you within minutes. 

If you are using a generator, make sure your home’s CO alarms are working properly. Check out our CO alarm fact sheet for more information. 

New Minnesota Fire Code Available Online

Electronic versions of the 2015 Minnesota State Fire Code are now available on the International Code Council's website. The new Minnesota code is based on the 2012 International Fire Code (IFC).

If you have questions on the new code, email our Fire Code Team.


​Featured Video

Video Description: Karen Hubert and her granddaughter Morgan were asleep when a fire broke out in Karen's home just south of Paynesville, Minnesota. Working smoke alarms and Morgan's quick-thinking gave them the critical seconds needed to safely escape the burning home.