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A few moments now can prevent tragedy later

​A few moments. That’s all it takes to make sure fire does not destroy property, or worse, take a life. 

Following several recent fire-related deaths, State Fire Marshal Bruce West reminds Minnesotans that most fires can be prevented.

West recommends taking a few moments to make sure disaster doesn’t strike with several important fire prevention strategies: 

  • Check the batteries in every smoke alarm.
  • Make sure nobody falls asleep with a space heater on.
  • Talk about fire escape plans with everyone in the home, especially children.  

This winter, stay warm ... and safe

A blanket over a space heater catching fire

There’s no getting around it: Winter weather has definitely set in, and you’ve had the heat on for at least a couple of weeks. Staying warm is good, whether it’s from a furnace, fire in the fireplace, or space heater. But the very things that keep us cozy in the cold can endanger our lives. When the temperature drops, the number of fires spikes.

Fortunately, like most fires, wintertime fires are mostly preventable if you just take a few precautions on the front end. This DPS blog will tell you how to stay safe while you’re keeping warm.

A few minutes could save your life

Photo of mad pug

Smoke alarms save lives — both humans and animals — but only if they work.

People die every year in Minnesota homes without working smoke alarms. Those deaths are preventable.

Take a few minutes each month to test your smoke alarms. All it takes is a push of a button to potentially save your life. More information about smoke alarms is available in this fact sheet. ​​

Featured Video

This video gives you a unique behind-the-scenes look as two Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division investigators dig through the rubble at a Twin Cities motel fire.