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Don't Miss Out! Register Now for the State Fire Marshal Conference

This year's State Fire Marshal Conference has something for everyone.
Sessions fall into four categories: Fire protection, fire code, fire investigations and public education/youth firesetting prevention and intervention.

More information
, including the conference brochure and registration form, is available on our website.
Sign up today and mark your calendars for April 14 and 15. We'll see you soon at the Ramada Plaza in Minneapolis.


Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives; Change Your Batteries Today

​Karen Hubert believes she is alive today for two reasons: Her granddaughter’s quick thinking and the smoke alarms that sounded one morning as her home filled with smoke.

The Huberts’ story -- as told in this video --- is proof that working smoke alarms save lives.

Video Description: Karen Hubert and her granddaughter Morgan were asleep when a fire broke out in Karen's home just south of Paynesville, Minn. Working smoke alarms and Morgan's quick-thinking gave them the critical seconds needed to safely escape the burning home. Karen hopes her story emphasizes the importance of testing your smoke alarms.