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Come See Us Friday at the Fair

​The State Fire Marshal Division and Office of Pipeline Safety will have plenty to offer Friday at Governor’s Fire Prevention Day at the fair. 

We’ll have hands-on games to test your fire prevention knowledge. You can meet our staff, learn more about types of fire and CO alarms and get your questions answered about residential sprinklers.

You can also learn all about calling before you dig.

Visit the Governor's Fire Prevention Day website for more information about what else is going on at the fair on Friday, including live kitchen fire demos, a mock collision and lots of opportunities to see firefighters and fire trucks up close. 

Inexpensive smoke alarms are just as effective

Infographic with tips on buying a smoke alarm.
Smoke alarms. A quick online search will tell you that you can spend anywhere from $15 to $120 and more on an alarm.

So which alarm should you buy? A relatively inexpensive smoke alarm is just  as effective as a model that costs hundreds of dollars. The bottom line is that smoke alarms save lives and should be placed on every level of your home, near sleeping areas and in bedrooms.

“It’s unnecessary to spend hundreds of dollars on smoke alarms when just one $15 or $20 device could save you and your family,” Minnesota State Fire Marshal Bruce West says. “Proper maintenance, not a smoke alarm’s cost, determines an alarm’s effectiveness.”

Featured Video

Video Description: Get a unique behind-the-scenes look as two Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division investigators dig through the rubble at a Twin Cities motel fire.