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Careless smoking: A tragedy waiting to happen

Smoking is the leading cause of fatal fires each year in Minnesota.

That’s why the State Fire Marshal Division is working hard to raise awareness about the dangers of careless smoking. 

We know smoking is a hard habit to break, but we’re asking those who do smoke to do so outside and properly extinguish their cigarettes in a sturdy container filled with sand or water. We’re reminding them to have working smoke alarms in their homes​. We’re showing them how careless smoking is a tragedy waiting to happen. 

This video featuring footage from a live burn this fall shows how quickly and easily a smoking-related fire can start, spread and turn deadly. If you smoke, please watch it. If you don’t smoke, please share it with a friend or loved one who does. 

Nobody wants to lose someone in a fire. Reminding those you love the dangers of careless smoking could help save lives.  


Prevent a garage fire

A young woman sitting on a swing at a playground

Spending more time in your garage working on projects? 

(Thanks, COVID-19 and Minnesota winters).

Starting a garage fire can happen more easily than you think. 

Check out these tips for preventing a garage fire

A silent killer: Woman urges people to install carbon monoxide alarms following deaths of 5 family members

Hurricane Laura was the most devastating storm to ever hit Louisiana.

So when Sheletta Brundidge’s family survived the hurricane’s initial impact in August, the Cottage Grove resident and Twin Cities radio personality was relieved.

Then tragedy struck. 

Sheletta never thought the generator her loved ones used to stay comfortable and keep the lights on following the storm would kill five of her family members. 

Their story and their deaths are a somber reminder the importance of safely using generators and having working carbon monoxide alarms in your home, especially during the winter heating season.  

Featured Video

Video Description: Most smoking-related fire deaths happen inside homes where a smoker improperly extinguishes a cigarette. This video explains how tragedy strikes.