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Continuing Education Review

To ensure continued integrity of the POST continuing education system, the Board will review the continuing education records of a small number of randomly chosen officers. The officers chosen will receive a letter in the mail informing them they have been selected for a Continuing Education Review (CE Review). Officers will be asked to submit documentation recognizing successful completion for each continuing education course listed on their renewal application.

Failure to respond, failure to prove successful completion of required credits or failure to rectify any discrepancy could result in disciplinary action by the Board. In all cases, the officer and their Chief Law Enforcement Officer will receive a letter indicating the matter has been forwarded to the Board’s Complaint Committee for further consideration.

The original letter is mailed to the officer with a copy of the letter mailed to their Chief Law Enforcement Officer. The officer will be given twenty-one days to reply. Once the officer has successfully completed the CE Review, the officer will receive a congratulations letter.