How to Become a Course Sponsor

​​​​"Sponsor" means a school, agency, individual or organization that has received authority from the board to provide approved courses for continuing education credit.
The first step to becoming a sponsor is a school, agency, individual or organization must establish written procedures for the investigation and resolution of allegations of classroom discrimination. Click on classroom discrimination policy for an example policy.

The procedures must minimally specify the:  
  • Person to whom the formal complaint must be made
  • Process to investigate complaints
  • Sanctions that may be imposed if a complaint is sustained
  • Appeal process for the offending party
  • Process to notify the complainant of the investigation and disposition
  • Effective date of the procedures or subsequent modifications of the procedures 
The sponsor must make the written procedures available to all faculty, instructors, administrative staff and to anyone else upon request. Complaints that allege classroom discrimination during a course must be processed according to the written procedures by the sponsor.

The Board may take disciplinary action against a sponsor that:
  • ​Violates the provisions of part 6700.0901
  • Submits a false application
  • Provides instruction not consistent with the application
  • Fails to cooperate or whose faculty, instructors or administrative staff fails to cooperate with the Board's investigation into an allegation of the violation.
Disciplinary action for a violation consists of one or more of the following:
  • A letter of censure to the sponsor
  • Probation of the sponsor
  • Denial of approval of other courses for a specified period of time

Once your classroom discrimination policy i​s in place, please notify the Continuing Education Coordinators.​