Course Approval Requirements

​Once a potential sponsor has the classroom discrimination policy in place they are ready to submit a signed “Continuing Education Course Approval Application” along with the documentation described on page two under number two of the application.  Go to "Continuing Education Forms" located on the left navigation list of this page for a current copy of the application.
Below is the course documentation a sponsor must submit for course approval: 
  • Instructor qualifications showing proof of professionally recognized training and experience in the assigned subject area; and, instructor training or specialized academic preparation to teach in the assigned subject area
  • Course overall learning goal
  • Specific performance objectives
  • Course timeline that shows a breakdown of the hours (Courses more than 2 hours)
  • The body of each major unit of instruction in outline form (can be incorporated with the timeline)
  • Instructor evaluation form (if applicable)
Please email all documentation to:

In addition to the required information, course sponsors may submit any additional information (i.e. handouts, equipment list, bibliography, references) that may be useful in the evaluation of the course.

No approval will be granted unless the course;  
  • Is law-enforcement related
  • Is based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be a peace officer
  • Meets a law enforcement educational need

The POST Board recommends the sponsor provide a certificate of completion to each law enforcement officer. The certificate should include the name of the officer, course title, date, POST course number and the amount of approved credits.

Click Example Certificate for a copy. Click Example Certificate with the new mandated learning objectives for a copy.  Please make sure you customize the certificate to include only the approved learning objectives.

Click MN RULES 6700.0900 and 6700.0901 for a copy of the continuing education rules.