Continuing Education


Every active and inactive peace officer and active part-time peace officer must complete a minimum of forty-eight hours of continuing education within their three-year licensing period in order to maintain and renew their license.


Within those 48 hours, active officers must also have a minimum total of 16 MN POST approved credits in the following categories in order to renew their license:

• Crisis Intervention and Mental Illness Crisis (6 credits, minimum)

• Autism (4 credits, minimum)

• Conflict Management and Mediation (1 credit, minimum)

• Recognizing and Valuing Community Diversity and Cultural Differences to Include Implicit

Bias (1 credit, minimum)

• The remaining 4 credits are elective and can be taken in any of these four categories.

Active officers are mandated to train annually in use of force and once every five years in emergency vehicle operations/pursuit driving. It is the officer's discretion which law enforcement related courses they complete to satisfy the remainder of the required forty-eight hours.

Inactive peace officers are not required to complete mandated training, however are required to have forty-eight hours of law enforcement related continuing education training. ​