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​​​​​ARMER Standards were created many years ago to provide guidance for the use of Minnesota's radio system.   More recently, it has become necessary to reclassify standards to allow for additional areas governed by the Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB). 

Previous categories included Management of System, Configuration and Allocation, Interoperability, Maintenance, System Access by Non-Governmental Organizations, Financial Policies and Procedures, Compliance and Conflict Resolution, and Miscellaneous.

Newly named / added categories include Governance, NG9-1-1, GIS, Land Mobile Radio, Wireless Broadband, IPAWS, Interoperability, and Finance. Compliance and Conflict Resolution and Miscellaneous categories will remain the same.

The Master Standards List can help you figure out under which category a standard falls.

During the reformatting process, tables were removed, but the contents of each standard were not changed. 

New standard numbers, beginning with “1" in each category, are based on the date the standard was originally created. This means that standards initially grouped with similar-content standards may no longer run in succession. 

Each standard will include the new, category-specific number, as well as the Legacy (original) standard number, when applicable.  If a standard does not have a Legacy standard number, it is a newer standard.

Standards showing a revision date later than the SECB approval date means the standard was reviewed by the workgroup and approved by the appropriate committee, but there were only minor changes made to the standard so it did not require SECB approval.    

The Stand​ards list is grouped by Section. Clicking on the plus sign or the word “Section" will reveal all items in that section. At any time, this list may be sorted and filtered by clicking on column headings. Hovering above each column heading will reveal a down arrow on the right. Clicking ​th​​at arrow will reveal sort and filter options.

A flow chart showing the process for creating a standard for submission for approval to the Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB) has been developed and can be accessed here.

​If you are drafting up a new standard, contact John Dooley, at, for a new number.  The blank standard form can be found h​e​​​​r​e​.​ 

expand Category : 911 (9-1-1) ‎(4)
expand Category : FIN (FINANCE) ‎(2)
expand Category : GIS (GIS) ‎(1)
expand Category : GOV (GOVERNANCE) ‎(3)
expand Category : IOP (INTEROPERABILITY) ‎(31)
expand Category : IPW (IPAWS) ‎(4)
expand Category : LMR (ARMER) ‎(52)
expand Category : MIS (MISCELLANEOUS) ‎(1)
expand Category : Sunset Standards ‎(24)
expand Category : WBB (WIRELESS BROADBAND) ‎(1)


Standards Workgroup

The ARMER Standards Workgroup falls under either the Land Mobile Radio Committee or the Interoperability Committee. The workgroup is tasked with updating standards as well as Best Practice Guides. Standards calls occur on Monday mornings, when scheduled, from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.  Best Practice Guide calls will also occur on Mondays at the same time. All are free to join.​

If you would like to be involved with the Workgroup, please email ECN Standards Coordinator at