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Emergency Communication Networks

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911 Program


The Minnesota statewide 911 program provides immediate access from all telephones to critical public safety services. The 911 program has been administered by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety since 2003. It provides:
  • Technical assistance to the cities and counties implementing, maintaining and improving 911 systems
  • Oversight of system standards
  • Collection of a statewide fee which is deposited into the 911 Special Revenue Fund 
The 911 Special Revenue Fund is used for:
  • Statewide 911 program
  • Wireline telephone company costs to connect to the 911 network
  • 911 public safety answering point (PSAP) equipment and dispatch proficiency expenses
  • Debt service on the revenue bonds sold to construct the ARMER system, ARMER backbone maintenance and operation costs
  • Minnesota’s interoperability program
  • Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB)

Rapid Deploy Resources

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety - division of Emergency Communication Networks (DPS-ECN) has entered into an agreement with RapidDeploy to make their Nimbus CAD solution available to Minnesota's Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).  This web-based platform serves as a valuable tool to support PSAP Continuity of Operation (COOP) activities as well as the coordination of response efforts across multiple jurisdictions during special events, emergencies, and disasters.

Suspicious Activity Reporting

Minnesota’s 104 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) are potentially vulnerable to malicious acts intended to disrupt their ability to receive 9-1-1 calls and/or communicate with emergency responders.  A proactive approach to Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) and information sharing can help mitigate this threat.  The Minnesota Department of Public Safety division of Emergency Communication Networks (DPS-ECN) has prepared this document to provide recommendations for reporting suspicious activity that may be a precursor to a criminal/terrorist act executed against a PSAP. (click here)