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Move over, it could save a life

​It was the first and last time Caleb Duchene winched a vehicle out of the ditch by himself.

As the tow truck operator finished up his transaction with the driver he pulled out, a passing vehicle lost control and struck the van he was standing next to. Caleb was thrown to the ground. Miraculously, he only had minor injuries, but the fear of being hit has stayed with him. Trooper Andrew Gibbs was on scene and rushed to help him.

Crashes like this show why it's so important to move over or slow down when there are vehicles or people on the side of the road. It's also the law. The Move Over Law was expanded this year to include more than just crash responder vehicles. As of July 1, 2023, it also includes stalled or disabled vehicles with flashing lights, or if at least one person is visibly present outside the vehicle.

When traveling on a road with two or more lanes, drivers must keep over one full lane away. If it's not possible to move over, you must slow down. ​