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Speeding? Expect to be Stopped

Even if you don't see law enforcement when you're driving,  it doesn't mean they aren't on the road.

The 37,069 speeding citations written by our troopers so far this year show how serious we are about the growing problem of speeding  that is leading to more deaths this year. In fact, troopers have cited 524 drivers for speeds of 100 mph or more compared with 444 this time last year.

Please drive smart and stay alive.  

Extra Speed Enforcement

  • Speed is playing a significant role in the increased fatalities on Minnesota roads. The 69 speed-related fatalities through June 10 compares with:
    • 38 in 2020 through June 10.
    • 25 in 2019 through June 10.
    • 43 in 2018 through June 10.
    • 37 in 2017 through June 10.
  • Please drive smart by obeying the speed limit. Together we can all make a difference in driving Minnesota traffic fatalities down.