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Minnesota State Patrol pilots offer eyes in the sky to keep you safe on the ground

A state patrol pilot reaches for a switch inside the cockpit of a helicopterMinnesota State Patrol troopers take to the skies to keep Minnesotans safe.

The team of pilots in the flight section work alongside their counterparts on the ground to look for illegal, unsafe driving. They also do a whole lot more, partnering with other law enforcement agencies, the St. Paul Fire Department and the Department of Natural Resources.​

Check out this DPS Blog to learn more about the program and the services it provides.​​​

State and local law enforcement work together on street racing enforcement efforts

Street racingStreet racing is dangerous and disruptive. It puts lives at risk, neighborhood safety in jeopardy and has caused thousands of dollars in property damage. The State Patrol and our law enforcement partners have been working hard to stop this behavior, and we’re seeing positive results.

Over the past two weeks, law enforcement officers have arrested eight people in connection to street racing and other illegal activities. Evidence shows they have played key roles in planning, promoting and participating in these activities.

We are committed to stopping this lawless and ​unacceptable behavior. Learn more about our efforts in this news release​.​​

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