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​Training Gives Troopers New Tools for Interacting with People with Autism

Photo of troopers graduating from the academy.Did you know autism is a part of life for one in 68 people? Because it can impact interactions, troopers are learning about autism as part of the State Patrol’s efforts to keep all Minnesotans safe.

All troopers received autism training as part of their Centralized In-Service Training this fall. They learned how to recognize and respond to people with autism, what sorts of calls will bring them into contact with autistic people, de-escalation tips, and more. Follow-up training is planned for later this month, and from now on, all Minnesota State Patrol cadets will receive autism training at the academy.

Read the latest DPS blog post for more details about the training.

​Now is the Time to Prepare for Winter Driving Season

Photo of a winter car crash sceneLet’s see: The window air conditioner units are put away. The vegetable garden is cleared. You’ve mowed the lawn one last time. You’re ready for winter, right? Close – but not until your vehicle is ready too. Winter driving in Minnesota poses its own unique set of hazards, and it’s important to be prepared.

Read our recent DPS Blog post for tips on getting your vehicle ready, items to pack in your emergency kit and steps to take before setting out on the road.

Taking a little time to prepare now will help make you and your family feel safer on the road this winter.

Featured Video

Video Description: After an Aug. 8 crash involving a fire truck and a suspected distracted driver, the State Patrol and Edina Fire Department teamed up to remind motorists about the consequences of distracted driving.