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Honor the Dead by Planning Ahead

A car crash scene with two troopers doing crash reconstruction

Most of us would probably like to simply forget 2020 ever existed. The temptation is to wipe the slate clean and move on. But if we do that, we risk not learning. And if we forget the nearly 400 people who died on Minnesota roads in 2020, we dishonor their memories. Instead, we remember each one of them, and keep talking about how and why they died so that we can prevent more tragedies. Preliminary reports show there were 398 traffic deaths on Minnesota roads in 2020, compared with 364 in 2019.

This blog will show you how to plan ahead to help keep Minnesota roads safer in 2021.

It Takes All of Us to Stop Human Trafficking

A young woman sitting on a swing at a playground

When you see the words “human trafficking,” what comes to mind? A forced march through a jungle in some remote country? People forced to make shoes, clothing or electronics for some foreign company? This is often the way these crimes are portrayed on TV and in the movies, so it might surprise you to know that human trafficking takes place right here in Minnesota. In fact, it happens in all corners of the state, right under our very noses.

This blog will tell you what law enforcement and victim services providers are doing to end this crime – and what you can do to help.