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​​​Careless Teen Driving: Small Actions, Big Consequences

A still frame from a teen driving PSA that shows a family around a dinner table with one member faded outZach Knapp, a high school senior from Elk River, was concerned about the driving behavior he was seeing on the roads, especially from his fellow teens: “If you just pay a little attention, you see people talking or texting on their phones, brushing their hair, eating, all kinds of things while they're driving." So Zach decided to do something about it: He made a 40-second PSA for his local sheriff's office to distribute. Learn more about why and how he brought this project to life – and the long-term effects he hopes it will have – in our latest blog.​​

​Don't Rely on Your Nose – Let a Smoke Alarm Do the Work

Working alarms save lives! Test yours todayOur noses are amazing things. They make our food taste better. They bring back pleasant memories when we smell something familiar. They can even save our lives by, for example, smelling smoke when there are no other signs of a fire. But even the best sense of smell can't take the place of a smoke alarm.

This blog​ will tell you why you need smoke alarms and how to maintain them so they stay working, so that you can save your sense of smell for more pleasant things.