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We Need Your Help to Prevent Smoking-Related Fire Deaths

2020 Smoking Related Fire Deaths: 11 fatalities, average age 59, 35 total fire fatalities

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the other bad stuff went away while we fought a pandemic? That way we could focus all our time and energy on staying safe from COVID-19 without worrying what else 2020 would bring us. But that’s not how the virus works, and that’s not how fire works, either. Case in point: The number of people who have died in fires this year (35) is up 35 percent compared with this time last year, according to preliminary numbers. Whether or not you’re a smoker, you can help prevent smoking-related fire deaths.

Learn how in our latest blog.

How Minnesota Bars and Restaurants Are Reopening

A restaurant worker pouring milk from a pitcher. Text that says Industry Guidance for Safely Reopening Restaurants & Bars

After several weeks of lockdown, you’re probably looking forward to a little bit of normalcy. Perhaps you’re taking the kids to the park, or you’re planning to go to a social distancing barbeque in a neighbor’s backyard. If those plans involve going to a restaurant, bar or similar establishment, though, you may wonder what the state is requiring them to do to reopen safely. Fortunately, the state has released a set of guidelines for safely reopening restaurants and bars.

You can learn what it entails in this blog.