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SFMD Fire Investigators Help Local Business Owners Find Closure after Civil Unrest

Two fire investigators and a police officer

It's safe to say a lot of things changed the day George Floyd was murdered. Angry people made their voices heard in the Twin Cities – but some turned to dangerous, destructive behaviors, like setting fires. A total of 164 arsons caused millions (possibly billions) of dollars in damage to local business. Those local business owners deserve to know that the arsonists will be held accountable for the destruction they've caused. Check out our blog​ to learn how SFMD fire investigators worked with their local and federal counterparts in the Twin Cities for several weeks to help bring closure to a suffering community.​

There are no guarantees in life. Except that a seat belt will protect you in a crash.

A woman putting her seat belt onWhat would you say if we told you there’s something that can remarkably increase your chances of surviving a car crash? Something like a force field that will keep you from being thrown from the vehicle during a collision – something that takes almost no time at all? If such a thing existed, would you use it whenever you got into a car? Fortunately, this incredible, life-saving device does exist. It’s called a seat belt. 

Learn more about why you should use one – and what happens if you don’t, whether it’s for yourself or your child  – in this blog.​​​​