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Get Lots of Sleep – But Not Behind the Wheel

A driving simulator with a car appearing to drive along a road

Many of us would never get behind the wheel after drinking, but we’re not as hesitant about getting behind the wheel after being awake for too long or not getting enough sleep. It turns out that can be just as dangerous as driving while impaired, but it’s harder to detect. That’s why the HumanFIRST lab at the University of Minnesota designed a study to find an objective test (or set of tests) that law enforcement officers can quickly and easily administer by the side of the road to identify fatigue.

Learn more about the study and its initial results in this DPS blog.

Featured Video

Video Description: Driving with a phone in your hand is now illegal in Minnesota. Lt. Gordon Shank, with the Minnesota State Patrol, shows you different ways to go hands-free.