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Extra Seat Belt Enforcement on Minnesota Roads

​“Not many people can say they drove off a cliff and survived, let alone walk away without a scratch,” said Brittany Erding, who is alive today because she wore her seat belt.

Now, through the end of May, more than 300 law enforcement agencies will be participating in the statewide Click It or Ticket campaign.

Lack of seat belt use contributes to about half of all motorists killed each year and odds are  four-times greater for injury if a motorist is not buckled

Speak up when you see a person not belted and if you are behind the wheel, refuse to drive until everyone is buckled up.

April 2015 Distracted Driving Campaign

​“I almost killed somebody.” Shyann Ericksen used to text and drive. Not anymore.

The teen spoke during April’s distracted driving month about  the three seconds she turned her attention away from the road, and caused  a crash that seriously injured a little boy last summer.

Minnesota law enforcement officers cited 909 drivers statewide for texting and driving from April 13 – 18 (6 days). This compares to 550 drivers cited over a 10 day enforcement period last April.

More than 86,000 crashes were distracted driving-related from 2009 – 2013. That equals 25 percent of all crashes.

Be part of the solution to distracted driving and speak up, tell the driver to put the phone down, before it’s too late.

Video Description: Drivers with their eyes on their phones will discover that law enforcement will have their eyes on them during an upcoming extra distracted driving enforcement campaign in Minnesota. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) held a news conference to announce the statewide campaign that runs April 13-18. Media also had the opportunity to experience first-hand the dangers of texting and driving on a course that highlights the seriousness of distracted driving.