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Extra Patrols Helping Save Summer and Lives from Speeders

Speeding is deadly! Slow down! Extra speed patrols now. Drive Smart!Speed is driving traffic fatalities to numbers the state hasn’t seen in a decade.

As Minnesotans hit the road for summer vacations, no one wants to worry about reckless drivers jeopardizing their trip or their lives.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety is coordinating extra speed patrols during July. Troopers, deputies and officers are working to protect all of us from speeders.

Ease up on the accelerator, prevent a citation, and save yourself and others from a deadly crash.

DWI Patrol All-Stars Recognized for Getting Impaired Motorists Off the Road

DWI All-Stars at Target FieldCongratulation to this year’s DWI All-Star team of officers, troopers, deputies and prosecutors from around the state. The team made 3,749 DWI arrests across Minnesota in 2020.

The 61 DWI All-Stars accounted for 17 percent of all DWI arrests in the state in 2020 and were recognized for their efforts at a Minnesota Twins game.

Prevent a DWI arrest or, worse yet, crashing because you’re impaired by lining up a sober ride every time you plan to drink.​

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Driving with a phone in your hand is illegal in Minnesota. Lt. Gordon Shank, with the Minnesota State Patrol, shows you different ways to go hands-free.