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After a Crash, Do This

A state trooper and another man look at the front of a crashed vehicle

If you’ve never experienced it, count yourself lucky: The sickening thud that accompanies a car crash. The days—and sometimes weeks or months—of dealing with doctors and mechanics and insurance adjusters. The sinking feeling that if only you had left a little earlier or put your phone down or turned your headlights on, this might not have happened.

But crashes happen every day in Minnesota. So it’s important to know what to do immediately after one happens. This blog will tell you all the steps you should take as soon as a crash happens.​


It’s a Deer’s World, and We Only Drive in It

A deer crossing a road​November has arrived, bringing with it pictures of turkeys, pumpkin spice everything, and deer mating season. It's the time of year when deer are most active, which means it's the time of year when the most deer-vehicle crashes occur in Minnesota. There were 6,218 reported crashes in Minnesota over the five-year period from 2016 to 2020, resulting in 18 deaths and 124 serious injuries. How best to avoid dying in a deer-vehicle crash? That depends on what you're driving. 

Our blog will explain what to do if you encounter a deer on the road, and how to survive if a crash is inevitable.​

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University of Minnesota football coach P.J. Fleck knows the importance of safety on the field and off it as well. Drive smart and buckle up. Extra patrols now on Minnesota roads.