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Driving Smart is the Best Gift

Impaired driving kills the holiday spirit. Extra enforcement now. Drive sober, Drive smart!

Too many people have already lost loved ones on Minnesota’s roads so far in 2020. And although the virus will cause this year’s holiday season to be a bit unconventional, one thing remains the same: We must all drive smart. That involves buckling up, putting away distractions, obeying the speed limit, and finding a sober ride. And for those who choose not to drive sober, holiday extra DWI enforcement is in effect starting today. Learn more in this DPS blog.

DWI Courts: A Long-Term Solution to the Drunk Driving Problem

A woman taking notes while talking with a man

The problem of drunk driving in Minnesota requires a long-term solution. Yes, it’s very important for law enforcement to arrest impaired drivers, with the accompanying fines and sometimes jail time. It helps keep Minnesotans safer by removing the immediate threat of drunk driving from the roads. Unfortunately, those drivers can – and often do – drive under the influence again. But St. Louis County’s DWI Court may be able to provide a long-term term solution to the problem, and a GHSA/ Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility grant is going to help them make sure it works. Learn more about the program and the evaluation in our this DPS Blog.

Featured Video

Video Description: Driving with a phone in your hand is now illegal in Minnesota. Lt. Gordon Shank, with the Minnesota State Patrol, shows you different ways to go hands-free.