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Don't Let Summer be a Buzz Kill With a DWI

A man performing a field sobriety test for a police officerLong drives, scenic bike rides and evening walks. They are all part of summer in Minnesota, but if you’re an impaired driver, pedestrian or bicyclist, your summer days may end abruptly.

The highest number of drunk driving-related deaths and alcohol-related serious injuries occur over the summer months. That’s why officers, deputies and troopers from more than 300 agencies will be working extra DWI enforcement shifts now through Sept. 2. Learn more about the extra enforcement in this news release.

If you've been drinking: Get a sober ride. Stay off your bike. Have a sober friend walk with you.

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Video Description: “Locked Up: A DWI Booking,” gives you an inside look at the DWI booking process. Being arrested for a DWI involves more than just getting a ticket.