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​To help put the brakes on speed-related deaths and educate motorists, officers, deputies and troopers will work overtime shifts June 22 through July 19. Law enforcement agencies across the state will participate in the campaign coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety (DPS-OTS).

Speed-Related Traffic Fatalities

​2010 ​2011 ​2012 ​2013 ​2014 ​2015 ​2016 ​2017 ​2018 ​2019
​86 ​85 ​74 ​76 ​94 ​78 ​89 ​88 ​113 ​75

Speeding Incidents on the Rise
Excessive speeding over recent months is troubling and requires Minnesotans to commit to slowing down this summer.

  • From April 1 – May 21, the Minnesota State Patrol pulled over 232 drivers traveling more than 100 mph. That’s compared to 93 drivers during the same time period last year, a 149 percent increase. Of the 232 drivers, 179 were 30-years-old or younger.
  • Overall fatal crashes and fatalities from March 16 - May 31 increased over last year despite reduced traffic.
  • While a crash can have more than one contributing factor, speed was the most frequently cited factor. 
    • Preliminary reports show speed has already contributed to 36 motorists dying on Minnesota roads in 2020, compared with 27 at this time last year.

Distracted Driving is More Than Just Looking at Your Phone

Drive Smart!

When we think of distracted driving, most of us think of someone holding a phone up to their ear or scrolling through their social media feed. But distracted driving takes a lot of different forms. When you fiddle with your car stereo, you’re taking your eyes and attention off the road. Same with cleaning up a spill from that barbecue sandwich you’re trying to eat. Setting your navigation while driving also distracts from the road, and even passengers can distract you.

Read this DPS blog to learn how to keep your eyes — and your mind — on the road while driving.

Staying Safe on the 100 Most Traveled Days

Vehicles on a St. Paul area highway

After over two months of staying at home to slow the spread of COVID-19, heading out on the open road sounds like just the ticket. But the 100 days from Memorial Day through Labor Day are the most dangerous on the road – especially now that people are starting to venture out after the stay at home order.

Learn what law enforcement is doing to keep your journeys safe this summer in this DPS blog.

Featured Video

Video Description: Driving with a phone in your hand is now illegal in Minnesota. Lt. Gordon Shank, with the Minnesota State Patrol, shows you different ways to go hands-free.