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Seat Belts Clicking Home with Motorists

​For the third year in a row, seat belt citations decreased during the summer Click It or Ticket extra enforcement campaign. Officers, deputies and troopers reported 6,771 seat belt citations and 184 child seat violations.

While encouraging, there are still too many people unbuckled and taking chances with their lives. During the campaign, a trooper cited a young driver for not wearing a seat belt while going 110 mph in a 55 mph zone, and an officer ticketed a driver with two teens riding in a boat being towed by a vehicle.

Even if you’re a safe driver, you can’t always control the circumstances around you such as speeders, distracted drivers or a deer darting in front of your car.

Expect the unexpected and buckle up.


Featured Video

Video Description: To demonstrate to the public how seat belts can make a difference, the Department of Public Safety recently held a news conference to announce a Click It or Ticket extra enforcement campaign that runs from May 22 - June 4. The event was highlighted by a tow truck lifting a vehicle up by its seat belt, demonstrating the strength of a belt and how it can help prevent injury or loss of life when properly used.