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St. Patrick’s Day Green can be Costly

The 339 drivers arrested for DWI over the entire St. Patrick’s Day holiday weekend cost themselves a lot of green.

Five people have died at the hands of a drunk driver the past six years on St. Patrick's Day.That compares with 250 DWIs on a typical, non-holiday weekend.

A DWI is costly. You can lose your license for up to a year, you’ll have thousands of dollars in costs and possible jail time.

It’s much easier to just line up a safe ride the next time your plans involve alcohol.

Prevent drunk driving by designating a sober driver, use a cab/public transportation or stay at the location of the celebration. You can also help keep the roads safe by speaking up and offering to be a sober driver.

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Video Description: The Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety coordinates campaigns throughout the year to influence Minnesotans to make smart choices behind the wheel. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the action on the street and the planning involved to ensure we all get home safely.