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When Optimism Pays Off

​​Toward Zero Deaths leadership and award winnersWhen you work in public safety, it’s important to be realistic. There are some things no one can control that can cause people to get hurt or killed. Which is why “Toward Zero Deaths” may seem like an unrealistic name for a traffic safety program. But the truth is, so much of the tragedy on our roads is preventable and in the control of every person behind the wheel.

Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) was started in 2003, and during its 15 years of existence, road fatalities have dropped by 45 percent. There were 655 traffic deaths in Minnesota in 2003; in 2017, there were 358. But even one death is too many, which is why the Department of Public Safety, along with the departments of Transportation and Health, are working toward zero deaths. Learn more in our blog.

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Video Description: These Highland Park Senior High School students know safety is the top priority when they are behind the wheel or are a passenger.