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DWI Court Program Helping to Reduce Repeat Impaired Driving Offenses

Driving while impaired is a choice that too many people are making again and again: 41 percent of drivers arrested for a DWI in 2015 in Minnesota had at least one previous drunk driving conviction.

Hennepin County DWI court graduate Janet Carlson speaks at a news conference.Eliminating repeat DWI offenses is one part of the effort to keep Minnesotans safe from the dangers of drunk driving. That’s where the DWI court program comes in. It brings together drug and alcohol treatment with the criminal justice system. An evaluation found the program has reduced recidivism up to 69 percent.

"It does save lives. I know it saved mine and I am very grateful,” said Janet Carlson, a three-time DWI offender and graduate of the Hennepin County DWI Court program.

Learn about the program by reading the DPS Blog post "DWI Courts: A holistic approach to safer roads."

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