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'Tis the Season. Plan Ahead if Your Celebration Involves Alcohol.

'Tis the Season. Be a Sober Driver. Speak UpToo often, holiday joy turns to sorrow when a family is notified of a loved one’s tragic death due to someone driving impaired. The choice to drive drunk has contributed to 28 deaths on Minnesota roads from the day before Thanksgiving through Dec. 30 in the last five years.

It’s crucial for everyone to plan ahead before heading to a holiday party or family gathering that involves alcohol. Line up a sober ride, use public transportation or stay overnight on a friend's couch.

To help keep families together this holiday season, more than 300 law enforcement agencies across Minnesota are teaming up for extra DWI enforcement now through Dec. 29.

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Video Description: Janet Carlson considered herself a social drinker. Three DWIs later, she's pleading with people to plan ahead for a sober ride. Her story is a reminder of how making a wrong choice can happen to anyone.