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Extra DWI Patrols Now on Minnesota Roads

​“Thank you” for putting others first by choosing not to drive drunk.

Thankyou.jpb.PNGThat’s the message by law enforcement, establishments and Minnesotans to those making the right choice this holiday season.

The “thank you” is part of the Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety holiday campaign to get more people to join the crowd and find a sober ride after consuming alcohol.

For people who decide to drive impaired, law enforcement will be watching.

Officers, deputies and troopers from more than 300 agencies across the state are conducting extra DWI enforcement patrols during weekends through Dec. 30. 

Drunk Driving-Related Deaths Edge Higher but on Overall Decline

​Attitudes toward drunk driving are changing for the better among Minnesotans as fewer drunk driving-related deaths are occurring across the state. The new 2015 Minnesota Motor Vehicle Impaired Driving Facts report highlights encouraging trends in areas such as fatalities, DWIs and repeat offenders.

Drunk driving-related fatalities last year increased from 2014, but they have decreased by 8 percent in the last five years — 95 fatalities in 2015 compared with 103 in 2011. 
The number of lives lost has remained below 100 since 2012. 
While overall numbers show positive change, the percentage of traffic deaths and injuries where alcohol plays a role is still much too high.
Friends don’t let friends drink and drive. Please speak up and offer to be a designated driver.


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Video Description: Drunk driving not only takes lives, it changes them forever. Drunk driving is preventable, and law enforcement statewide will be focusing on keeping Minnesotans safe as they celebrate the final weeks of summer.