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​One More Way to Fight Impaired Driving

A motorist performs a field sobriety test during a traffic stop as an officer watches

What’s your reason not to drink and drive? Is it because you’re afraid of hurting or even killing someone? Maybe you want to avoid getting a DWI and all the negative consequences that come along with it. There are multiple reasons, and that’s why it requires multiple approaches, such as the DWI Officer Program, to ensure people make the right choice.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides the funds to the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), who has used it to award grants to 15 law enforcement agencies in 10 of the most dangerous drunk driving counties in Minnesota.

Learn more about the DWI Officer Program in our blog.

How to Share the Road with Trucks

A semi on a highway with cars behind itAn 80,000-pound vehicle traveling at 55 miles per hour needs 335 feet to stop. So if you pull out in front of a semi-truck on a county highway without giving it enough room, it doesn’t matter how alert that driver is. It doesn’t matter how quick their reflexes are or how recently their brakes were replaced. If they don’t have enough room to stop, there’s going to be a crash.

In our blog, you’ll learn what you can do to share the road safely with commercial motor vehicles (CMVs).

Featured Video

Video Description: Janet Carlson considered herself a social drinker. Three DWIs later, she's pleading with people to plan ahead for a sober ride. Her story is a reminder of how making a wrong choice can happen to anyone.