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Learning from Tragedy

A crashed car with an ambulance in the backgroundPick an ordinary, even boring, day in 2018. You got up, maybe had some coffee, went to work, spent time with family or friends, had dinner, went to bed. And while you and the rest of us were going about our routine business on that random 2018 day, on average, there were 217 traffic crashes on Minnesota roads, 76 people were injured, and one person died. This is just a small part of the data from the newly released “Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Facts 2018.”

Learn more about this important report in the this DPS blog post.

Break the Habit: Drive with a Hands-Free Device

Hands on a steering wheel and a phone in a dash mount

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a few months, you know that Minnesota now has a hands-free cell phone law. But habits are hard to break, whether it’s stopping smoking or just going to bed earlier. And if your habit is talking on your phone while driving without a hands-free device, you’ll need to break it right away.

It may help to know that there’s a precedent for breaking bad driving habits, such as drunk driving and not buckling up. Learn how education, awareness and enforcement can have a positive effect on distracted driving in this DPS blog post.

Featured Video

Video Description: Driving with a phone in your hand is now illegal in Minnesota. Lt. Gordon Shank, with the Minnesota State Patrol, shows you different ways to go hands-free.