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What's New?

Convicted Offender DNA Program

20200103_112428.jpgThe BCA launched Minnesota's Convicted Offender DNA Program 30 years ago this month. This was a key development in bringing the early version of the FBI CODIS program to the state of Minnesota.

Not too long thereafter, the BCA found the first DNA hit for the state of Minnesota, linking a suspect to a crime based solely on DNA in CODIS. Since then, more than 10,000 Minnesota investigations have been aided by CODIS.

Listen to a recent story about the early days of forensic DNA searches.

Learn more about the CODIS database.


ODMAP: The More You Know

Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program graphic with charts and a smartphone

Whether you learned it in school or in life, you probably know that the first step of problem-solving is actually defining what the problem is. And the more complicated the problem, the more information you have to gather to define it. Various organizations and agencies in Minnesota, for example, are working to solve the problem of fatal drug overdoses and the influx of illicit narcotics, and now they have a tool to help them gather the information they need.

It’s a software application called Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP), and it can be used on any mobile device, tablet or laptop. Learn more about it in this blog.