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What's New?

Juvenile Records

backgroundcheckimage.jpg​​If you have a juvenile record, it's important to know how it can affect your life as an adult. Most importantly, that it need not define you.

Learn about records on people under 18 who commit felonies and gross misdemeanors and get information and suggestions that can help you navigate life after a juvenile conviction in this DPS blog.


Human Trafficking in Minnesota

trafficking-woman.jpegWith certain crimes, sometimes it's just easier to think: that happens somewhere else, in some other community, some other country. Human trafficking is one of those crimes.

But the truth is, human trafficking does happen here in Minnesota. And putting an end to it requires all of us to work together. Learn more about this issue and what you can do to stop it in this DPS blog.


BCA In-Person Background Check Services Are Open; Fingerprinting Available By Appointment Only

​In-person background check services are available at the BCA. Fingerprinting services for critical infrastructure positions are also avilable BY APPOINTMENT only, until further notice. The BCA has made this temporary change to help ensure social distancing for members of the public and BCA staff. The BCA will continue to process background checks that are mailed. To request an appointment for fingerprinting services, please call 651-793-2410.

Individuals coming to the BCA for fingerprinting or background checks are asked to wear a face covering in the building. Space for social distancing in the lobby is limited; please do not bring others with you.


Adjustment to Mandated Fingerprinting Processes

​The BCA is allowing for the delayed submission of fingerprints for mandatory background checks pursuant to recent legislation signed into law by Gov. Walz (Minnesota Laws, Chapter 71, Article 2, Section 26). This affects the agencies listed below until the end of the peacetime emergency brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. While fingerprint-based background checks will be delayed, background checks on these individuals will still include a Minnesota criminal history check based on name and date-of-birth.

This change enables these essential workers and fingerprint technicians to maintain social distancing. It also allows these individuals to move into critical roles and to remain in those roles without lapses in background check requirements. All pending fingerprint-based background checks for these individuals will be completed within 30 days of the end of the peacetime emergency.

The BCA is providing notice of its determination to delay fingerprint-based background checks for these employees under Minnesota Laws, chapter 71, article 2, section 26, subd. 2, paragraph b.