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School’s Out: Time to Reinforce Online Safety Messages with Your Children

Kids are out of school for the summer -- time to have a talk about making smart decisions online. The BCA recommends following these basic safety guidelines:

  • Beware of sharing too much -- whether it's private emails, candid photos (even those that only appear for a few moments) or social media posts meant only for friends -- once it's out there, never assume you can control where it goes.
  • Keep your guard up during games and chats -- the casual nature of these activities lend themselves to innocent sounding questions from strangers. Guard all private information, including your name, age, school and hometown.
  • Follow the Golden Rule online -- don't say it about someone else if you wouldn't want it said about you.
  • Avoid meeting with someone you don't know -- treat any requests of this nature with extreme caution.
Get additional tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.



What Happens After Evidence Intake

A handgun in an evidence bagIf you’re like most of us, you learned everything you know about evidence from cop shows. The real thing is not as simple and may or may not be missing the surly but lovable evidence locker guard with the heart of gold.

To find out what happens to evidence after intake, our recent blog follows a gun from the crime scene, through BCA evidence testing, to the court case.