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Registration Tax

Reference: Minnesota Statutes, 168.013 - provides information in determining vehicle registration tax.

For additional assistance with determining registration tax, contact your local deputy registrar or email DVS at DVS.motor.vehicles@state.mn.us.

Fees Due with Each Registration Renewal

  • Filing Fee: $7 
  • Technology Surcharge:​ $2.25
  • Wheelage: $10 - $20 (if applicable)

View the Wheelage Tax page for a list of counties where Wheelage tax is collected.

Passenger Class Vehicle Registration Tax

The registration tax for passenger class vehicles (cars, vans and pickups rated at less than one-ton, and one-ton passenger vans) is determined by the vehicle's base value and age. Minimum tax for vehicles 10 years old and older is $35.

You may download a copy of the Minnesota Motor Vehicle Tax Manual or you may purchase the Minnesota Motor Vehicle Tax Manual and Base Value Guides through the Minnesota Bookstore. For more information regarding Minnesota motor vehicle tax, visit the Motor Vehicle Forms and Manuals page.

Registration tax for truck, trailer, van pool, bus and farm class vehicles is determined by the gross vehicle weight and model year of the vehicle.

  • Motorcycle Tax: $10
  • Moped Tax: $6