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Prepare Now for Spring Flooding

2019 Spring Flooding Graphic

Ice jams and snowmelt will continue to increase the potential for flooding over the next several weeks in Minnesota. That’s the latest update from our partners at the National Weather Service.

HSEM is in touch with other federal, state and local partners who are working together to prepare. You should be preparing too.

We have all the resources you need on our Spring Flooding page. Look for a daily update on flooding across the state at the top of the page.

And please share this valuable information with your family and friends.

Minnesota National Guard Deployed to Nebraska Flooding

Minnesota National Guard responds to Nebraska Flooding

​A Minnesota National Guard Chinook helicopter, along with 10 guard members, are now in Nebraska taking on deadly and devastating floodwaters. They deployed on March 20 after Governor Tim Walz issued an executive order through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).

Nebraska experienced rapid snowmelt in recent weeks which led to inundating floodwaters across the region. The mission will support emergency aerial operations during the flood fight.

In their first day during the EMAC mission, the guard flew more than six hours, conducting 13 sling load operations, transporting more than 114,000 pounds of cargo. Crews will conduct additional transports in order to reinforce a man-made dike at a nuclear power plant.

EMAC allows states to send supplies, equipment and personnel to other states during a disaster or an emergency when all local resources are exhausted. The Department of Public Safety Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) division coordinates EMAC requests.

Flood Potential Increases: Protect Your Home Today!

Flooded Road in Spring 2019

You know all of that snow we just got? Well, it will eventually melt and go somewhere.  

The National Weather Service has released its spring flood outlook and our heavy snowpack means the potential for rising rivers and streams is elevated. Potential impacts could vary depending on how fast we warm up over the next two months and, of course, how much more snow or rain we get.

As a Minnesota homeowner, you don’t need to wait for the flooding to happen to take action. Now is the time to get sewer/water backup on your homeowners insurance and a separate flood insurance policy—before the waters rise!

Learn more about the true value of flood insurance in our recent DPS blog.

Budget Recommendations for Disaster Assistance, School Safety and Railroad Safety

​Gov. Tim Walz is proposing budget funding for three HSEM programs—aimed at keeping Minnesotans safe and communities resilient before, during and after emergencies and disasters. Gov. Walz detailed the funding requests in his Community Prosperity plan:

  1. Disaster Assistance Contingency Account: These funds reimburse communities for damages to public property and infrastructure after a state-declared disaster. With an active severe weather season in 2018, the account is now depleted. Gov. Walz recommends additional funding of $10 million for the next two fiscal years.
  2. The Minnesota School Safety Center: Currently, a staff of three people conduct hundreds of school safety trainings at districts across the state for educators and school resource officers. With a recent increase in requests, Gov. Walz recommends $250,000 per year to support two additional staff members to meet this growing need.
  3. Railroad and Pipeline Safety: Since 2014, HSEM has diligently worked to train first responders on how to respond to rail and pipeline incidents involving hazardous materials. Gov. Walz recommends reinstating the annual $2.5 million assessment of rail and pipeline companies to continue these preparedness efforts.

Read the governor’s complete budget recommendation for HSEM’s programs.
Review his Budget for One Minnesota.

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Video Description: State and federal leaders discuss preparations for 2019 spring flooding in Minnesota.