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Severe Weather Awareness Week – Have a “What If” Conversation

​Governor Mark Dayton has proclaimed the week of April 21-25 as Severe Weather Awareness Week. As tornado season intensifies, every Minnesotan should take time to plan for severe weather.

“We are asking families to discuss how they will react if all members are not at home when the outdoor warning sirens sound,” says HSEM Director Kris Eide. “Families change. What if a tornado is headed for your neighborhood and your elderly mother can no longer get to the basement? What if your newly licensed 16-year-old son is driving to the movies alone? What if your daughter is playing soccer miles away? Do you have a comprehensive family plan?”

Read more about how to prepare here.

HSEM Deputy Director Joe Kelly discusses preparedness in this DPS-Produced video


Training for Oil Trains in Anoka County

Kevin Reed Coon Rapids Oil Trains for web.jpgThe increased transport of oil from North Dakota through Minnesota requires increased training for local first responders. On April 4, Homeland Security and Operations Branch Director Kevin Reed spoke to police and fire officials in Anoka County.

Coon Rapids Police Captain Cary Parks invited Reed to address the latest recommendations on response to oil train derailments resulting in fire. Reed shared a sample of Bakken oil and explained why the best response may be to let the fire burn out while protecting critical assets near the scene and safely evacuating those nearby.  

Minnesota School Safety Center Video

​Students and staff are now seeing members of the Minnesota School Safety Center work to make schools even safer. Director Nancy Lageson sits down with DPS Communications Director Bruce Gordon to discuss how the center will benefit Minnesotans. In this DPS-produced video, you'll learn how school safety center staff members train public safety professionals and work with individual schools to enhance school safety.  

Severe Weather Awareness Week 2014