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State Disaster Aid Authorized for Two Counties

Gov. Mark Dayton has authorized State Disaster Assistance for two counties that sustained major road damage following severe storms on June 9 and 10. In a matter of hours, between six to eight inches of rain fell in Fillmore and Red Lake counties. The result was washed out roads and drainage systems that left behind more than $267,000 in eligible damages.

Fillmore and Red Lake counties will be reimbursed for response measures related to the storm along with costs to repair public property and infrastructure. Under Minnesota law, the state will cover 75 percent of eligible costs and counties are responsible for the remaining 25 percent. Read Gov. Dayton’s news release.

Joint Preliminary Damage Assessments with FEMA Underway

​HSEM’s disaster recovery staff and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) teams are traveling the state to assess the damages sustained in repetitive severe storms that left behind widespread damage in dozens of counties and three tribal nations. Since June 15, these storms have contributed to widespread flooding, wind and tornado damages.

The preliminary damage assessment process started in northeast Minnesota. Teams will work their way through affected counties in the northwest and southern portions of the state over the next several weeks. During this process:

  • County emergency managers, HSEM staff and FEMA will review the damages and collect cost estimates.
  • Teams will decide if the damages to public property and infrastructure, as response costs and actions are eligible to be reimbursed.
  • If Minnesota has more than $7.7 million in eligible damages, HSEM and FEMA provide the information Gov. Mark Dayton will review to consider a request for a a presidential disaster declaration.

A presidential disaster declaration paves the way for the approval of federal disaster assistance for public property and infrastructure. If approved, the federal government will reimburse 75 percent of the costs and the state (through HSEM) will cover the other 25 percent.

Ramsey County Receives State Aid for Rockslide


Picture of fallen rocks on Wabasha Street

Gov. Mark Dayton has authorized State Disaster Assistance for Ramsey County after an April rockslide forced the closure of Wabasha Street in St. Paul. The funds will reimburse the county for debris cleanup costs and repairs to stabilize the slope. An engineering study found that the bluff is still at risk of failing and protections are needed to prevent another slide.

A damage assessment, conducted by HSEM, estimated the cleanup and repair costs at more than $1 million. Under Minnesota law, the state will cover 75 percent of eligible costs and counties are responsible for the remaining 25 percent. Learn more about the State Disaster Assistance Contingency Account.

Read Gov. Dayton’s authorization letter.

School Safety Center Work Continues Through Summer

MnSSC Polk County Schools OutreachIt may be summer break for educators and students alike, but Minnesota School Safety Center (MnSSC) staff are not taking time off. New numbers show just how much outreach they have completed this year.

MnSSC staff have held 97 outreach events with school districts across the state, addressing issues like school safety and emergency operations planning. In all, our programs have reached an estimated 1,300 school personnel. More school safety assessments and training opportunities are scheduled throughout the summer months. Most recently, MnSSC staff visited Polk County to discuss:

The cooperative and coordinated efforts in safety shared among local public safety agencies and schools has become an emerging trend in Minnesota. The group will be working with the MnSSC on further safe school training, exercises, and best practices in school safety protocols and procedures.

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Video Description: This video shows what happens behind the scenes during an exercise in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC).