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What's New?

New Driver's License Design Helps ID Under 21 Cardholders

​The new Minnesota driver’s licenses are being issued now. They will help servers and liquor store employees recognize anyone under age 21 much easier. DL-composite.png

Those under 21 will be issued a vertical license or identification card.

  • Under 18 and Under 21 indicators display below the portrait.
  • UNDER 18 UNTIL, with appropriate date, displays as black text in a yellow bar.
  • UNDER 21 UNTIL, with appropriate date, displays as white text in a red bar.

AGED reminds establishments and liquor stores to card everyone, every time.

Selling alcohol to a minor or buying it for those under 21 can lead to criminal charges or civil law suits if injury or death is suffered due to the intoxicated minor.

Social Host Ordinance

​Colleges are starting up across Minnesota and it’s an exciting time for many students. Alcohol is often a part of college parties but if you aren’t smart about your choices, there can be consequences.
Supplying alcohol.jpg
It’s illegal to provide alcohol to minors at your home or have knowledge of a party where alcohol is being served to minors in your home. The consequences can include civil or criminal charges.

Help keep students safe by making smart choices.

Featured Video

Video Description: Get an inside look at how the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division works with Native American tribes to ensure slot machines are paying out correctly and gaming is fair for all.