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Tip Board Laws

​Agents with the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement division have recently fielded questions about sports-themed tip boards being sold in establishments.
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The law changed earlier this year to allow only licensed charitable organizations that conduct lawful gambling to also sell tickets for sports-themed tip boards.

No one other than the licensed charitable organization is allowed to sell the boards. Legal tip boards will have the Minnesota symbol on them. All other boards are illegal. 

Alcohol Manufacturing

The Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division reminds Minnesotans that distilling spirits for personal use or for sale is illegal without the proper licensing.

Producing distilled spirits can be dangerous if not done properly and could result in severe illness or death.

However, it is legal to produce beer or wine for personal use or family consumption without a permit or license.

Minnesota Statute for Licenses

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Video Description: Get an inside look at how the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division works with Native American tribes to ensure slot machines are paying out correctly and gaming is fair for all.