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Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety
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There’s a Wrong Way to Make Football Season More Exciting

sports-themed football tipboards

There are so many reasons to love football. And if you choose to make it a little more interesting by betting on the outcome, well, what’s the problem with that? The problem is that betting on sports is illegal for Minnesota establishments (such as bars and restaurants).

Learn more about what kinds of betting are legal – and the consequences for the illegal kind – in this blog.

Alcohol Vaping Machine Seized

​The Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division recently confiscated an illegal alcohol vaping machine used for inhaling alcoholic beverages from the Roundup Bar in Hampton. The owner was fined per Minnesota law.Terry talking.jpg

Under Minnesota law, it is illegal for any person or business establishment to possess, purchase, sell, offer to sell, or use any type of device or machine for the purpose of inhaling alcoholic beverages.

Not only is this device illegal, it’s potentially dangerous. According to a doctor with the Minnesota Poison Control System, the affects of vaping alcohol into the lungs is unknown. It’s also unknown how much alcohol is consumed when vaping. Vaping machine 2.jpg

You can contact us for more information or if you need our assistance in disposing of an alcohol vaping machine. Those who come forward willingly will not face any penalties.

Buyer's Card Renewals

​Owners of establishments can now renew their buyer’s cards online through the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement webite.

To renew your card go click here.

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Video Description: Get an inside look at how the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division works with Native American tribes to ensure slot machines are paying out correctly and gaming is fair for all.