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What's New?

Registration Open for Interoperable Communications Conference

During a disaster or emergency everyone involved in the response must know how to use the latest technology to communicate. There is no better place to sharpen your skills than the sixth annual 2015 Minnesota Public Safety Interoperable Communications Conference in St. Cloud. The conference will be held from Monday, April 27 through Wednesday, April 29 and will be packed with valuable information. Registration is now open. Register here.

Consumer Advisory: Location Information Limited for Wireless 911 Calls

Minnesota residents and visitors should be prepared to provide specific location information when calling 911 from a cell phone. To to better educate consumers the Minnesota Department of Public Safety division of Emergency Communication Networks (DPS/ECN) prepared a video and released it to the public Thursday. Watch it here and share it with your social media friends. ​

ECN Shares Recommendation for Wireless Broadband/FirstNet project

Minnesota has a strong governance structure in place to pave the way for a wireless broadband for first responders. That's the conclusion of a report presented March 17 to the Interoperable Data Committee. The report authors recommend DPS/ECN present the findings to the full Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB) for approval. The SECB, the report conIDC Meeting 1 for web.jpgcluded, is well-positioned to work through the consultation process to develop a wireless broadband that Minnesota public safety stakeholders can support.

New Wireless Broadband/FirstNet Program Manager

Rubin Walker for web.jpg

Minnesota has a new manager of its Wireless Broadband/FirstNet Program. Rubin Walker began work with DPS/ECN March 2. He previously served as the radio communications manager in Somerset County, New Jersey. Walker has design, operation and optimization experience with the Motorola system and vast experience with LTE technology from his engineering positions held with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint/Nextel and RCC Wireless here in Minnesota. Walker will also serve as the Deputy Statewide Interoperability Coordinator.