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Don't Know Where You Are? 911 Can Still Help.

Minneapolis skyline with emergency symbols and text that says using geography to keep Minnesota safeImagine you're driving down a country road at night when someone in the car with you has a heart attack. You call 911, but you can't tell the dispatcher where you are because you don't know—you can't see a road sign or mile marker or building anywhere. How do they pinpoint where to send help? Precision in locating a mobile 911 caller will improve with the upcoming implementation of Next Generation 911 (NG911) Core Services, a system that uses Minnesota's geographic information system (GIS) data.

Learn about the project and the Minnesota NG911 GIS Hub, in our blog.

These Three Numbers Can Save a Life​

Man Sitting at Table AloneWhen you're truly in the middle of a crisis, it's hard to remember anything, let alone a 10-digit phone number. That's why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established a new phone number, 988, to connect people in mental health crises to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The new three-digit number will be much easier to remember and dial quickly, getting help that much faster to anyone considering suicide. 

Learn more about the rollout, the change for two Minnesota area codes, and how it may affect you in this DPS blog​.​

How and Why to Avoid an Accidental 911 Call


If there's one thing we've learn​ed​ about smart phones, it's that touch screens can be…well, touchy​. Like when it's in your pocket and you somehow end up dialing whoever is at the top of your contacts list. Most of these accidents are harmless. But more and more, people are unknowingly pressing just the right combination of buttons to activate the built-in SOS function on their phones, resulting in an accidental call to 911.

Learn how and why to avoid such a scenario in this DPS b​log​.

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Video Description: Call if you can, text if you can't. Learn about Text-to-911.