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What's New?

Wireless LTE for Public Safety Pilot Project

​Key players in the wireless industry have partnered with government entities in the State of Minnesota in an attempt to encourage an innovative model involving private-public partnerships that establish a national public safety broadband system. This pilot project in Central Minnesota is a public-private collaboration between the State of Minnesota, Great River Energy (GRE), Motorola, NewCore Wireless, Central Transport Group, the City of Elk River, TESSCO and CommScope.
All private-sector partners participating in this project have donated equipment, tower space, technical services and carrier services at no cost to the government for this project.

Read more about the pilot project here.

ECN's Annual Report 2014

ecn-annual-report-image.jpgNotable Achievements of 2014 include:

  • Migration to the Next Generation 911 Emergency Service IP Network (ESInet) is complete. This is the conversion of the 911 network from an analog voice network to a high-speed voice and data network.

  • Minnesota’s Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER) program continues to be a model for the nation. Ninety-seven percent of the ARMER backbone is on the air. Seventy-eight of 87 counties have migrated to ARMER, with seven of the remaining counties exploring the feasibility of joining ARMER in the near future.
  • Advancing the deliverables for the FirstNet consultationproject (State and Local Implementation GrantProgram, or SLIGP,) will promote the implementationof a public safety wireless broadband network.

Read the full report here.