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Minnesota Sheriff Advocates for a Public Safety Wireless Broadband System

​Minnesota first responders were represented in Washington this month when Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek touted the benefits of FirstNet. The dedicated wireless broadband network was a topic of discussion during meetings of the National Sheriffs’ Association. Stanek spoke before several committees to explain why law enforcement are excited about what FirstNet will offer when they’re out on the road every day. Right now, Minnesota leadership teams are defining the priorities for a public safety broadband network.


The snow struggle is real without FirstNet

Whether its lake effect snow or a blizzard, winter storms provide a variety of challenges for the general public and first responders alike in Minnesota. From an increase in crashes, to roof collapses, to search and rescue operations, emergency personnel are often stretched thin. Add communication and situational awareness struggles into the mix and first responders might find themselves flying blind. FirstNet could help alleviate those challenges by providing responders with the visual and communication technology needed to transmit life-saving data. Watch how it could have helped New York’s Niagara County Sheriff’s Office during a 2014 storm.


2017 Tribal Nations Training Week

The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) will be hosting the 2017 Tribal Nations Training Week during the week of March 19-25, 2017 on the CDP campus in Anniston, AL. CDP training is completely funded for state, local, tribal and territorial emergency responders to include roundtrip airfare, meals, lodging, training and any equipment required during training. 

Click 2017 Tribal Nations Training Week - CDP.pdf2017 Tribal Nations Training Week - CDP.pdf for additional info.