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Office of Pipeline Safety

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

What's New?

Attention operators: Reporting forms available electronically


Several of our operator reporting forms are now available on our website to submit electronically. 


  • The Annual Pipeline Operator Billing Information Form is due Feb. 14. You can fill it out here.


  • The Annual Emergency Response Reporting Form is for intrastate operators only and is due Annually by Mar. 15. You can fill it out here.


  • The Utility Damage Reporting Survey is due quarterly. You can fill it out here.


CenturyLink update regarding 2019 locate issues

CenturyLink provided the following information to the Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety on Monday, Nov. 11:

CenturyLink changed underground facility locate vendors from USIC (US Infrastructure Company) to Unitek (under their DirectSat subsidiary) on April 1, 2019. We made this change to improve our performance, diversify vendors, and improve the competitive landscape of underground location companies. This transition was met with significant challenges.
We have continually pursued and implemented solutions to improve our locate performance. We listened to feedback regarding our new locate vendor and, as a result, we are transitioning from DirectSat/Unitek back to USIC. The transition will be complete by Dec. 2, 2019. CenturyLink recognizes the importance of effectively managing transitions like this to ensure prompt locate work and has chosen a historically slower locate season time to transition back to USIC. CenturyLink, USIC, and Unitek/DirectSat are all committed to cooperatively ensuring a smooth transition for all concerned stakeholders with minimum disruption to excavator activities and expectations. 
CenturyLink’s locate point of contacts are listed on your GSOC ticket for both marking concerns and/or damages. If local field assistance is required, these points of contact will engage the appropriate personnel from USIC and/or CenturyLink.
Marking concerns: 800-667-9963   
Damage: 800-283-4237

CENTURYLINK (formerly Level 3)
Marking concerns: 877-366-8344   
Damage: 877-366-8344

Report One-Call Excavation Complaints Electronically

​It's the law to call 811 in Minnesota at least two business days before digging in your yard.

If you know someone is violating Minnesota's damage prevention laws, you can now report it online by completing this electronic form.

One-Call Law (MS216D) Comments and Suggestions

​MNOPS values the feedback it receives from stakeholders regarding Minnesota’s One-Call Law (MS216D).  Please complete the feedback form to provide comments or suggestions for improving MS216D.

Click this link to submit comment and suggestions regarding MS216D.