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MNOPS inspectors to help restore gas service to thousands in Massachusetts following September explosions

Five of our inspectors will be traveling to Massachusetts to help restore gas services to thousands of people without heat or hot water following a series of explosions in September. 

Massachusetts state officials requested assistance through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, an agreement that allows states to send each other resources during an emergency. Gov. Mark Dayton approved the request​ on Oct. 10. 

The explosions killed one person, injured others, caused more than 80 fire and forced the evacuation of 30,000 residents. Our inspectors will be making sure new pipelines are being safely constructed. They will travel to Merrimack County for one-week deployments Oct. 21-Nov. 17.

MNOPS Alert Notice 01-2018

​This Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety (MNOPS) Alert Notice informs pipeline operators to review their operations and maintenance procedures, processes, recordkeeping, and operator qualifications training to ensure compliance with the following applicable codes:

  • 49 CFR §192.703 – Maintenance: General
  • 49 CFR §192.727 – Abandonment or deactivation of facilities.
  • 49 CFR §192.747 – Valve maintenance: Distribution systems.