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April is Safe Digging Month: Call Before You Dig

Inspectors on scene after a natural gas emergency hear it often: “I noticed a strange smell but didn’t know what it was so I didn’t do anything.”    That rotten-egg smell could mean there is a natural gas leak — and it could be deadly.   The best way to avoid an emergency or unintentionally striking an   underground facility is to call 811 before you dig. 

April is Safe Digging Month in Minnesota. As winter-weary homeowners get ready to enjoy the warm weather and tackle their spring yard projects, The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Pipeline Safety (MNOPS) reminds Minnesotans to call before they dig.


Important Information & Reporting

The Office of Pipeline Safety has recently revised the various informational bulletins and reporting forms that pipeline operators will use in the upcoming year. 

Please follow this link to the stakeholder communications page to view the updated information.

Find Out Where the Pipes Are

​Curious where pipelines are in your neighborhood? How about nationwide?

Check out the national pipeline mapping system from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.