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Help For Domestic Violence Victims

​Domestic violence claimed at least 34 lives in Minnesota in 2015, a 33 percent jump from the previous year.

DPS' Office of Justice Programs (DPS-OJP) wants people to know there is help for domestic violence victims.

DPS-OJP currently provides more than 30 million dollars to help fund agencies fighting domestic violence.

There is also financial assistance available for domestic violence victims through the OJP Reparations Program.
Financial services can include:

Youth Intervention Program Grants

​The Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs (DPS-OJP) announced that 18 new Youth Intervention Programs have been awarded grants for 2016.

The 2015 Minnesota State Legislature approved an additional $750,000 of funding for Youth Intervention Programs, bringing the total amount available to more than $3 million per year.

The two-year grants now fund 78 programs.

Some of the new programs now being funded by OJP include:

  • Youth Leadership
  • Mentoring programs
  • Youth dropout prevention
  • After school programming
  • High fidelity services
  • Academic performance support
  • Gang prevention
  • Somali youth initiative
  • African immigrant youth diversion

A complete list of all the Youth Intervention Programs funded during the next two years can be found online.

Annual Reparations Report

​The Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs (DPS-OJP) Reparations program is a key element in helping crime victims heal.
More than $2.9 million was paid out for medical and dental care, mental health counseling, funeral and burial expenses, lost wages and loss of support to victims across the state last year.
One area that increased in 2015 was domestic violence. Thirty percent of claims received were the result of domestic violence compared with 27 percent during the previous year.
If you are a victim of a violent crime or lost a loved one to a violent crime, financial help could be available to you. Contact the Office of Justice Programs
The entire 2015 Reparations Annual Report can be found online.

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