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Youth in Minnesota Correctional Facilities and Adverse Childhood Experiences Report

​The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs recently completed a study comparing the prevalence and impact of trauma between youth in correctional facilities and the Minnesota mainstream student population.

The youth participating in the study answered questions about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that included:

  • Exposure to physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
  • Exposure to domestic violence and substance abuse in the household.
  • Whether a parent has or has been incarcerated.
  • Findings include: 
    Youth in Minnesota correctional facilities are more likely to have exposure to trauma than their mainstream peers.
  • The most common ACEs for youth in correctional facilities are:
    • A parent who is or has been incarcerated.
    • Physical abuse by an adult in the household
    • Emotional abuse by an adult in the household. 
  • Thirty-five percent of girls in correctional facilities and 12 percent of mainstream girls report four or more ACEs compared to 21 percent and 3 percent of boys, respectively.

The entire study can be found here.


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