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Meth is Still a Problem – and Here’s What We’re Doing About It

Photo of seized meth.A few years ago, when someone would say “illicit drug,” the first word to pop into your mind was probably “meth.” But lately, we’ve been hearing so much about record amounts of marijuana being seized on Minnesota’s roads and the alarming number of deaths from opioids and heroin that methamphetamines seem to have taken a backseat. Not for our violent crime enforcement teams, though: They seized a record 624.5 of meth in 2017. That’s 624.5 pounds of meth that’s not on the streets of Minnesota. Read more in this blog.

Tax Identity Theft

​It’s tax season and tax identity theft is a real issue.

Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your Social Security number to file a false tax return for a refund.

You may be unaware that this has happened until you file your return and discover that a return already has been filed using your SSN.

Learn more about tax identity theft at the Minnesota Department of Revenue and through the federal IRS.

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