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OJP Conference Awards

​Department of Public Safety Assistant Commissioner Bob Hawkins presented victim service professionals with awards at this year’s Office of Justice Programs annual conference. Hawkins.jpg

This year, the Dr. William Kosiak Memorial award, which recognizes volunteer as advocates, went to Barbara Jensen.

Caroline Palmer was presented with the Distinguished Service award which recognizes professionals whose work has been an inspiration to others who serve crime victims in Minnesota.

Request for Proposals: Justice Assistance Grants (JAG) Recidivism Reduction Grants

​The Minnesota Justice Assistance Grants Recidivism Reduction grants seek to improve public safety by strengthening collaborative efforts between criminal justice, probation systems and social services to better serve youth and adults as they return to communities from correctional placements.

The intent of this funding is to enhance access to services, supports and resources needed for offenders to succeed in the community.
Applications must be submitted via e-grants by 4 p.m. on Monday, July 23.

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