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Request for Proposals: Justice Assistance Grants (JAG) Recidivism Reduction Grants

​Application are now being accepted for Minnesota JAG Recidivism Reduction grants.

The grants seek to improve public safety by strengthening efforts between criminal justice and social services to better serve youth and adults as they return to communities from correctional placements.

Applicants must have working relationships between correctional facilities and community agencies so that grant funded reentry programming can begin during incarceration and continue with return to the community.

All applications must be submitted via e-grants, by 4 p.m., Friday, Dec. 2.

Request for Proposals: Community Justice Reinvestment Grants

​Applications are now being accepted for Community Justice Reinvestment Grants.
These grants are to support services that will reduce further involvement in the criminal justice system.

The grants are to support:  

  • Chemical dependency and mental health treatment programs.
  • Programs that improve supervision.
  • Pretrial and pre-charge supervision programs.
  • Programs to reduce recidivism of controlled substances. offenders on probation, supervised release or participating in drug courts.
  • Support local participation in drug court initiatives approved by the Judicial Council.

All applications must be submitted via e-grants by 4 p.m., Monday, October 31.

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