User Guide  

There are several ways to find information on :
  • Search Box
  • Navigation Bars
  • I Want To
  • What’s New
  • Features
Each function is detailed below.

Search Box

Located in the upper-right corner on all DPS webpages, the Search Box quickly locates information when you type in a word or phrase and click Go or Enter.


  • Be specific. (If searching for Driver and Vehicle Services for example, type in Driver and Vehicle Services or DVS.)
  • If search words are typed in all lower case, the search will deliver any combination of upper and lower case.
  • If any part of a search is typed in upper case, the search will deliver case-sensitive matches.

    Keyword Search

  • If the word license is searched, a listing of all webpages with the word license will be displayed.
  • If an item cannot be found, contact DPS through the online feedback form.

    Phrase Search

  • Use quotation marks to search for a specific phrase. For example: “renew tabs” will result in a display of webpages that contain the exact phrase.
  • Another way to link words together is by using the + sign. For example, type: minnesota + license + tabs. This will result in a more defined display of webpages that contain all search words entered.
  • Results
  • The results page will display matches found and rate them with percentages, with 100% indicating an exact match to a search. The most relevant content will be listed first.
  • If the search results are not relevant or too broad, try with more specific terms.
  • If there are no results, the search terms might be too specific, try a broader word search.

Navigation Bars

Located at the top and bottom of each DPS webpage, the navigation bars provide links to information.


I Want To


Provides a drop-down menu of the 10 most requested services on the DPS w​ebsite. Click on the drop-down menu, select a service, click “Go” and webpages with information will be displayed.



What’s New

Displays breaking news and current events.



Highlights department programs and events.