Computer Browser Information

​Occasionally, website visitors will receive pop-up messages (below) from their Internet browser. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) has no control over these messages — they are generated by software on individual computers. Below are brief explanations about these types of messages. DPS suggests that website visitors search the Internet to learn more about these messages.
*The Minnesota Department of Public Safety does not endorse or promote changing computer Internet security settings and is not responsible for user Internet security settings.

Security Messages

Internet Explorer


Selecting "No" will prevent display of DPS maps. Selecting "Yes" will allow display of DPS maps.


Selecting "No" will allow display of DPS maps. Selecting "Yes" will prevent display of DPS maps.


ActiveX Control

Microsoft Internet Explorer uses ActiveX Controls to display interactive content on a Web page (below). Installing ActiveX on a computer will allow display of interactive content on the DPS website. If your Web page is not displaying properly, check for the ActiveX dialogue box at the top of the browser window.


 You may also receive a popup message that looks like the following: