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Deadly Shooting Puts Focus on School Safety

Photo of people discussing getting home safe after drinking.Minnesota school safety protocols are taking center stage following the deadly shooting at a high school in Florida. 

The Minnesota School Safety Center (MnSSC) conducts an average of 200 training sessions at districts around the state every year. From public, to private, to charter, and tribal schools, the MnSSC meets with administrators, educators and first responders to advise schools on a 360-degree, multifaceted approach to school safety.

This includes providing recommendations for: school safety assessments;  threat assessments, which identify behavioral clues and red flags; violent intruder response; access controls, which scrutinize the a schools access points; and de-escalation strategies for threats. In addition, the MnSSC provides guidance to districts when developing their emergency operations plans, which are required by state law. Schools must also conduct five lockdown drills, five fire drills and one severe weather drill per year. 

State Patrol Recognizes Heroic Acts by Citizens, Troopers, Law Enforcement

Photo of citizen receiving award. They stopped to help. They put their own lives on the line to save someone else. They didn’t hesitate. 

“They represent the good in people,” Col. Matt Langer said yesterday of the dozens of citizens, troopers and law enforcement officials honored for heroic acts at the State Patrol's annual awards ceremony.

Recipients included men and women who saved motorists from burning vehicles, saved citizens from burning buildings, performed CPR or used automated external defibrillators to save lives and kept citizens from ending their own lives. The Minnesota State Patrol established its awards ceremony to honor the exemplary efforts of troopers who have excelled in their mission to protect and serve the people of Minnesota. The ceremony also recognizes citizens and members of other law enforcement and emergency service agencies who performed commendable acts to assist troopers and help others.

A Major Milestone: 911 Turns 50!

Photo of a home damaged by a careless smoking fire.It’s a lifeline we’ve come to depend on. There are entire generations of Americans that can’t remember a time before 911 was available. As young children, we were taught how to dial those three numbers when we needed help. And this year, public safety across the nation are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first 911 call. The historic event happened in Haleyville, Alabama. And in the years that followed, the service became available nationwide.

Since then, 911 technology has evolved in Minnesota with a focus on keeping up with the technology at our fingertips as well as meeting the needs of the public. That is why Minnesota has become an early adopter of Next Generation 911 technology such as:

Read more about the history of 911 in Minnesota.


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