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Let’s Talk Turkey (and Fire Safety).

A cooking fire on stovetop​It seems like turkeys take forever to cook. Who wants to stand in front of the oven and stare at it? It’s not like you have to do anything except baste it once in a while. Much more fun to go to the neighbors’ and watch the game, or have a snowball fight outside with the kids.

But leaving the house while a turkey – or anything – is cooking is a great way to start a fire.

So if having your house hosed down by the local fire service isn’t one of the fun things on your to-do list this holiday season, read our latest blog.

Applying for a REAL ID Requires Additional Documents

Minnesota REAL ID driver's licenses in vertical and horizontal formatsMinnesotans have three options when applying for new driver’s licenses or identification cards. Determining which type of card works best depends on what a person needs to use the card for. Those applying for a REAL ID or Enhanced card should plan to bring more documentation than is required for a standard driver’s license or ID. To apply for a REAL ID, Minnesotans will need to present the following documents in person:

  • One document proving identity, date of birth and legal presence in the     United States, such as a passport or certified copy of a birth       certificate.

  • One document proving social security number.

  • Two documents proving current residency in Minnesota. Examples      include a valid driver’s license or ID card, a cancelled check or a             credit card statement.

Here is the full list of accepted documentation for REAL ID.

The best way to save time and make sure you have everything you need is to use the new online pre-application feature.

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Video Description: Preparing for winter weather threats, stopping for school buses, disaster assistance updates, reward offered in 2016 murder case and more. It’s all in this edition of “Public Safety: In Focus.”