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Own an iPhone? Why You Won’t Want to Say the Numbers 108 to Siri

iphone-siri-108.jpgThere’s a new prank circulating across social media and this one may have a negative impact on Minnesota 911 dispatch centers.

Posts are encouraging people to say the numbers 1-0-8 to Siri. But doing so will call 9-1-1. The prank has hit Minnesota with a confirmed case in Blue Earth County. 108 is the emergency number in India, but on Apple devices, it will translate it to 911 in the United States.

This is a dangerous prank that could potentially and quickly overwhelm a 911 center, especially a small one, preventing legitimate calls from getting through.

This recent news story explains how the prank works.

Need Your Vehicle Registration Fee Info to File Your Taxes? It’s Online!

​You don’t need to dig through your files to find how much registration tax you paid for your vehicle in 2016. You can look it up online.

You just need to enter your Minnesota driver’s license number or your vehicle plate number. Any registration tax you paid in 2016 will be listed, along with the payment date, expiration date and license plate number. This includes vehicles and trailers that require an annual registration fee. See additional DVS online services.

Register for a MMSC Rider Training Course to Start the Season Off Right

Now is the time to register for a rider training course.

The courses aren't just for beginners! Give the Intermediate, Advanced or MN Expert Rider Courses a try to polish your skills. It's a great way to dust off skills that might be rusty after winter, and you'll improve crash-avoidance skills that could save your life in a crash. Find a training course.

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Video Description: Minnesota officials discuss the amount of methamphetamine and prescription pills seized by Violent Crime Enforcement Teams throughout the state in 2016.