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Lives Lost in Traffic Crashes in 2024

         James Douglas Sachs, Craig Allen Anson, Elvin Leigh Wehking, Donna Steffensmeier, Gary James Snook, Bekele Simursab Yrnbab, William John Dahl, Harrison Jeffrey Dahl, Kathleen Rose Patch, Karen Elizabeth Moe, Charlene Patricia Berglin, Gena (alias Gena Zapeda) Bedwell, Morgan Rae Petersen, Christopher Marshall Pearson, Bryan William Cicinelli, Cassie Evlyn Mithaugen, Elvis Gonzalez, Lenora Ingrid Tahtinen, James Loren Gades, James Donald Nystrom  Mancini, Samantha Jane Benoit, Isaac Alexander Schultz, James Robert Mork, Karl Erik Olsen, Evan John Martin, Michael Thomas Weiland, Carol Anne Iverson, Kevin Nguyen, Logan David Woock, Riley Walter Scheidecker, John Clifford Corazzo, Fern Bernice Brown, Karin Leigh O'Connor, Bobby John Weaver, Aaliyah Iron Cloud-Brown, Roger Alan Iverson, Joseph Michael Carlson, Cody Martin Prestegord, Melissa Jamileth Magana Leon, Joseph Ervin Fisher, David Lee Hendershot, Joshua Clyde Roudebush, Curtis John O'Connor, Kenneth Lee Bickel, Kurt Lee Meyer, Joseph Alexander McCullough, Jeffrey Lee Martinson, Donald Charles Wilson, Timmy James Tarnowski, Nicholas Edward Penaz, Elinor Leah Bellefy, Willard Rueben Prigge, Dennis Fred Wendell, Michael Alvin Hoffman, Dwan Pierre Long

Reported names through March 2024.​

​This year: 165 deaths on Minnesota roads. Prevent tragedy. Drive smart.

Preliminary as of June 10.​​

What's New?

Sprinkler system helps save lives at Meadowlands assisted living facility

Firepro sprinkler system​It was just before 5 in the morning on May 1 when an air exchange unit malfunction caused a fire at an assisted living facility in Meadowlands, Minn. Thankfully, the building had a fire sprinkler system, which activated and alerted both staff members and residents to the problem and extinguished the flames.

Fire sprinkler systems can mean the difference between life and death, according to experts in our State Fire Marshal (SFM) division. 

Learn more about how fire sprinkler systems can make a difference in our DPS blog.

New grants to address critical shortage of law enforcement officers

Police officers jump rope with kidsAs staffing shortages at law enforcement agencies across Minnesota are reaching critical levels, a new grant program administered by our Office of Justice Programs aims to help agencies fill their ranks with qualified candidates who are ready to step up for their neighbors. The Intensive Comprehensive Peace Officer Education and Training grant program, which was created by the Minnesota Legislature, will support law enforcement agencies who have a plan to recruit, educate, hire and train qualified two and four-year college graduates to become licensed peace officers.​

Learn more about the program in our DPS blog.​​​

OTS vehicle grants will help stop dangerous driving behaviors

Example of a police pickup truck for traffic enforcementAs dangerous driving habits continue to be a major problem on Minnesota roads, our Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is getting creative to help our law enforcement partners change those behaviors before they lead to a crash.

OTS has awarded a total of $912,000 to law enforcement agencies to purchase 13 specialized pickup trucks, which will allow officers to conduct traffic enforcement from a higher vantage point. It will allow them a better view to see if drivers are distracted, not wearing their seat belt or engaging in other dangerous driving behaviors.

Learn more in our DPS blog.​​

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A tow truck driver shares his message to drivers after being hit by a vehicle while on the side of the road.