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How You’ll Know What To Do When Disaster Strikes

​When disaster strikes your city or county, every second counts. The sooner you know what’s going on, the better your chances of survival. One of the newest tools in the public safety arsenal is a locally issued, wireless emergency alert that will go to newer-model cell phones. It’s going to change the way you find out when, where, how and why emergency action is necessary. Learn more in our blog.

Keeping Our Roads Safe is Simple

​Do your part:
1. Pay attention. Put the phone down and focus on the road.
 2. Slow down and obey the speed limit.
 3. Drive sober.
 4. Buckle up.
Learn more about last year’s crashes in Minnesota in Crash Facts 2014.

​Featured Video

Video Description: The Department of Public Safety held a media availability to discuss the increased fine for texting and driving. The new law was passed by the Legislature earlier this year and signed by Governor Mark Dayton. It takes effect on August 1.