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Lives Lost in Traffic Crashes in 2024

         Charlie Chin Lee, Eric Bruce Hanssen, Matthew Ryan Veenstra, Hays Hans Huddleston, Roger James Baron, Richard Allen Kron, Lillian Marie LaForge, Aaron James Stomberg, Lamont Cortez Cunningham, Cole Jacob Thompson, Mahwa Hassan Adoch, Candace Lynn Berglund, Bulmaro Hernandez  Torres, Alexander Paul Jewison, Jamie Lea Jendro, Lindsay Erin Karsky, Gene Charles Walters, Eric Franchere Osten, Dan Joe Denny, Todd Robert West, Joyce Larayne Nokleby, Llewellyn Reynold Nokleby, Cody James Bennett, Porter Tait Larson, Marvin Albert Hemann, Ardis Irene Knight, Debbra Diane Pojanowski, Virginia Marie Savage, Anthony Raymond Eiden, Corey Christopher Krohn, Maya Marie Waby, Laurie Rebecca Curley Buress, Codey James Fisher, Cameron Nicholas Sokolik, Jenna Kay Marie Schweiss, Mary Jean May, Benjamin Rodriguez, Donald Charles Deleeuw, Royal William Noe, Heather Faye Ceballos, Corey Stephen Peterson, Eric Michael  White, Ronald Alan Otterstrom, Steven Craig Meyer, James Alton Childrey, Terry James  Theis, Jerry Lee Evers, Paul Eddie Arveson, Olivia Kay Marie Flores, James Douglas Sachs, Craig Allen Anson, Elvin Leigh Wehking, Donna Steffensmeier, Gary James Snook, Bekele Simursab Yrnbab, William John Dahl, Harrison Jeffrey Dahl, Kathleen Rose Patch, Karen Elizabeth Moe, Charlene Patricia Berglin, Gena (alias Gena Zapeda) Bedwell, Morgan Rae Petersen, Christopher Marshall Pearson, Bryan William Cicinelli, Cassie Evlyn Mithaugen, Elvis Gonzalez, Lenora Ingrid Tahtinen, James Loren Gades, James Donald Nystrom  Mancini, Samantha Jane Benoit, Isaac Alexander Schultz, James Robert Mork, Karl Erik Olsen, Evan John Martin, Michael Thomas Weiland, Carol Anne Iverson, Kevin Nguyen, Logan David Woock, Riley Walter Scheidecker, John Clifford Corazzo, Fern Bernice Brown, Karin Leigh O'Connor, Bobby John Weaver, Aaliyah Iron Cloud-Brown, Roger Alan Iverson, Joseph Michael Carlson, Cody Martin Prestegord, Melissa Jamileth Magana Leon, Joseph Ervin Fisher, David Lee Hendershot, Joshua Clyde Roudebush, Curtis John O'Connor, Kenneth Lee Bickel, Kurt Lee Meyer, Joseph Alexander McCullough, Jeffrey Lee Martinson, Donald Charles Wilson, Timmy James Tarnowski, Nicholas Edward Penaz, Elinor Leah Bellefy, Willard Rueben Prigge, Dennis Fred Wendell, Michael Alvin Hoffman, Dwan Pierre Long

Reported names through May 2024.​

​This year: 191 deaths on Minnesota roads. Prevent tragedy. Drive smart.

Preliminary as of June 24.​

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Amateur radio operators serve vital role in their communities

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While we knew there would be an increase in driver's licensing tests starting Oct. 1, 2022, with the start of Driver's License for All, the jump in test-taking has been higher than expected.

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