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Lives Lost in Traffic Crashes in 2021

        Haya Ambreen Mahmood, Dalton Lee Ford, Seth Christopher Flor, Duane Eugene Smith, Amy Jane Onraet, Ronald Kenneth Mosher, Julie Anne Lizak, Alison Joy Annen, Rhonald Timmothy-Pierre Gant, Travis Michael Kachelmeier Marte, Larry Peter Meyer, Macy Jo Holtan, Anthony Gerald Heitz, John David Benjamin, Natausha Rae Moen, Judith Elizabeth Harlan, Jeremy Drisko Frost, Jeritt Donald Piotter, Mikayla Ann Sherman, Craig Merrill Sulem, Robert Weninger, Jonathan Raymond Williams, Abdi Aden Isack, Darrell James Sabrowski, Virginia Marie Stewart, Thomas Weyde Leaf, Joseph Lyle Mack, William Alfred Tinklenberg, Ashley Ann Karjala, John Cody Davis, Peter Stefan Mollhoff, Thomas Edward Davis, Aileen Aguilar, Victor Ludwig Falkner, Christopher Lynn Thompson, Jeryl Laverve Vanderpol, Lor Xiong, Keith Allen Moldan, Whitney Marie Nelson, Megan Sue Engebretson, Joseph Michael Andreszcuk, Steven Lee Roemhildt, Bryan Theodor Withers, Shane Alan Sanow, Angela Marie Severson, Jennifer Lynn Bokusky, Sean Patrick Callaway, Donald Eugene Pflipsen, Terry Lee Jensen, Corey Allen Olson, Mark Michael Osborne, Brandon James Kier

Reported names as of April 2021.

​This year: 179 deaths on Minnesota roads. Prevent tragedy. Drive smart.

Preliminary as of June 18.

​​​Roll up your sleeves, Minnesota

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What's New?

There are no guarantees in life. Except that a seat belt will protect you in a crash.

A woman putting her seat belt onWhat would you say if we told you there’s something that can remarkably increase your chances of surviving a car crash? Something like a force field that will keep you from being thrown from the vehicle during a collision – something that takes almost no time at all? If such a thing existed, would you use it whenever you got into a car? Fortunately, this incredible, life-saving device does exist. It’s called a seat belt. 

Learn more about why you should use one – and what happens if you don’t, whether it’s for yourself or your child  – in our la​test blog.​​​​


Don’t know where you are? 911 can still help.

Minneapolis skyline with emergency symbols and text that says using geography to keep Minnesota safeImagine you're driving down a country road at night when someone in the car with you has a heart attack. You call 911, but you can't tell the dispatcher where you are because you don't know—you can't see a road sign or mile marker or building anywhere. How do they pinpoint where to send help? Precision in locating a mobile 911 caller will improve with the upcoming implementation of Next Generation 911 (NG911) Core Services, a system that uses Minnesota's geographic information system (GIS) data.

Learn about the project and the Minnesota NG911 GIS Hub, in our blog.


​​DPS Adjusts Some Services in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Roll up your sleeves, Minnesota

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) has adjusted or limited some services. For the latest service updates, visit our DPS Response to COVID-19 page.

DPS is continuing to operate with many staff members working remotely to ensure social distancing.

Thank you for your patience as we all work together to get through this situation.