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Minnesota State Patrol recognizes heroic acts

Photo of an award from the Minnesota State Patrol's annual ceremony.Saving motorists from burning vehicles, performing CPR, preventing suicide and finding a missing person on a cold winter night were just some of the heroic actions recently recognized at the Minnesota State Patrol’s annual awards ceremony.

The awards went to law enforcement, emergency medical personnel and ordinary citizens who put their lives on the line to save others every day in Minnesota last year.

Learn more about the awards on the State Patrol page.

Watch a highlight video from the ceremony on the DPS YouTube channel.


Passengers invited to participate in advanced and expert rider courses

​Riders looking for an extra challenge or a chance to bond with their riding partner can bring their passengers along to the MN Advanced and Expert Rider courses starting this training season. Passengers can participate at no charge. This is a great opportunity for riders and passengers to build good riding habits that will keep them safe on the road. Riders are expected to complete each exercise solo first before trying the exercise with a passenger. Passengers are also invited to participate for free in the Intermediate Rider Course. Learn more about training course on the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center page.

Need your vehicle registration fee info to file your taxes? It’s online!

​You don’t need to dig through your files to find how much registration tax you paid for your vehicle in 2016. You can look it up online. You just need to enter your Minnesota driver’s license number or your vehicle plate number. Any registration tax you paid in 2016 will be listed, along with the payment date, expiration date and license plate number. This includes vehicles and trailers that require an annual registration fee. See additional DVS online services.

Featured Video

Video Description: A mother whose son died last year from carbon monoxide poisoning while ice fishing on Leech Lake recently spoke about his death publicly in hopes of saving another family the heartache of losing a loved one.