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Keep it Real — and Keep it Safe — for Independence Day

​Every year kids and adults go to the emergency room with fireworks injuries. Your best bet is to enjoy a public fireworks display. If you do purchase your own fireworks:

• Remember that if it flies or explodes, it’s illegal in Minnesota.
• Use fireworks in an open area, away from houses and other structures
• Use a long lighter meant for a gas grill to light fireworks
• Do not try to re-light a dud. Ever.

​Call 811 Before You Dig

Take the time to call 811 before you dig or place a sign in the ground. Call 811 first so you don’t have to call 911 later. Or go to the GSOC website at and request underground utilities near the area you’re digging be marked.

Top Three Things Motorcyclists Need to Know

Here are the top three things you need to know if you’re enjoying this nice summer weather with a ride on your bike:

1. Wear the gear. Motorcyclists should wear a DOT-approved helmet and brightly-colored protective gear for visibility and protection. 2. Be prepared for inattentive drivers by staying focused on riding and keeping your speed in check. 3. Don’t drink and ride.

Find more tips and information on rider training courses.

Extra DWI enforcement weekends through July 5

Do you live in Hennepin, St. Louis, Crow Wing, Washington or Blue Earth County? They are among 25 counties statewide that will see extra DWI enforcement weekends through July 5. The 25 targeted counties have the highest number of drunk driving deaths and alcohol-related serious injuries during a three-year period.

No matter where you live, it’s never OK to drink and drive. Line up a sober ride.

911 Wireless Phone Limitations - Lifesaving Information

​Are your family members coming over for a Fourth of July celebration? It’s a perfect time to find out who relies on cell phones to make emergency calls.

Take a few minutes and watch our video that shows how calling 911 from a cell phone is different than making that call from a landline.

New Method of Invalidating Driver's Licenses, ID Cards Starts July 6

​The way driver's licenses and identification cards are invalidated is changing in Minnesota. Starting July 6, Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services will be perforating the word "VOID" on the left side of the card by the photo instead of clipping the bottom right corner.

The new method of invalidating driver's licenses and ID cards makes Minnesota compliant with federal law. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Commercial Driver's License Standards says a document perforated with word VOID is considered invalidated. All Minnesota cards will be processed this way, not just commercial driver's licenses, to reduce errors.


Video Description: On June 30, 2014, Chris Weber picked up his cell phone while driving in Rock County to make a bank transaction. His choice led to the crash that killed Andrea Boeve, a mother of two who was bicycling with her young daughters in Rock County at the time. This video, Shattered Dreams: Distracted Driving Changes Lives, sends a powerful message about the lives destroyed by distracted driving and includes interviews with Andrea’s husband Matt and Chris Weber.