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Want to keep Minnesota roads safe? Join the State Patrol.

A state trooper standing by a squad car

It’s easy to get frustrated when you look at the loss of life so far this year on Minnesota’s roads. Preliminary numbers show 320 deaths as of Oct. 26 compared to 298 at the same time last year. If you buckle up, drive sober, keep distractions away and obey the speed limit, and still wish there was more you can do, well … there is. You can join the Minnesota State Patrol. The State Patrol is currently accepting applications through Nov. 15.

Our latest blog will tell you how to qualify and what the benefits are to becoming a state trooper.

Don’t Deny This Grieving Mother’s Request

300 empty chairs that represent Minnesota traffic fatalities

The rows of chairs stretch off into the distance of an empty field. They look innocent enough, with snow falling gently on their black surfaces, and you wonder what they’re there for. A wedding, perhaps? Some sort of graduation? But their true purpose is tragic: Each of the over 300 chairs represents a person who has died on Minnesota roads so far this year. Three hundred empty chairs. Three hundred lives cut short. Thousands of broken hearts.

This blog breaks down the statistics of this tragic year on Minnesota roads and tells you how to prevent such tragedies in the future.

​​DPS Limits Some Services in Response to COVID-19

Mask Up Minnesota. Stay Safe MN.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) has adjusted or limited some services. For the latest service updates, visit our DPS Response to COVID-19 page.

DPS is continuing to operate with many staff members working remotely to ensure social distancing.

Thank you for your patience as we all work together to get through this situation.

Featured Video

Video Description: A take-home car. Great benefits. The chance to make a difference. Those are just a few of the reasons Lt. Tyler Uthe chose the State Patrol.