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This Winter, Stay Warm … and Safe

A blanket over a space heater catching fire

There’s no getting around it: Winter weather has definitely set in, and you’ve had the heat on for at least a couple of weeks. Staying warm is good, whether it’s from a furnace, fire in the fireplace, or space heater. But the very things that keep us cozy in the cold can endanger our lives. When the temperature drops, the number of fires spikes.

Fortunately, like most fires, wintertime fires are mostly preventable if you just take a few precautions on the front end. Our latest blog will tell you how to stay safe while you’re keeping warm.

Hands-Free: It's the Law in Minnesota

A hand on a steering wheel with a phone on a vent mount

Unfortunately, some drivers are slipping back into old habits, and breaking the law in the process.

There were 2,729 hands-free citations statewide in September. There were 2,317 in August. This includes citations written by police, sheriff’s deputies and Minnesota state troopers.

Hands-free cell phone use is the law for drivers in Minnesota. Find out what you can and can’t do at

TSA: Yes, Minnesota Enhanced Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards Can Be Used to Fly Domestically Oct. 1, 2020

The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is reminding the nation that enhanced driver’s licenses and ID cards can be used to fly within the United States once the federal REAL ID enforcement deadline takes effect Oct. 1, 2020.

In a recent blog post, the TSA assures that state-issued enhanced driver’s licenses or ID cards will be accepted at the security checkpoint come Oct. 1, 2020. Minnesota, Michigan, New York, Vermont and Washington offer EDLs and EIDs. These comply with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative and can be used as U.S. border crossing documents by land or by sea.

A Minnesota EDL/EID costs $15 in addition to the standard license or ID card fee. They are only issued to U.S. citizens. Additional information about EDL/EIDs is online.

Featured Video

Video Description: Lt. Gordon Shank of the Minnesota State Patrol shares an important reminder about Minnesota’s hands-free cell phone law and the importance of driving distraction free.