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​Plan a Sober Ride Before Heading to Your Holiday Party

Photo of a state trooper giving a woman a field sobriety test.If you have a holiday celebration this weekend, make sure you plan a sober ride home before heading out the door. It could save a life.

Don’t plan on drinking? Speak up and offer to be the sober driver for your friends or family.

Last weekend there were 326 DWI arrests in Minnesota. So far this year, there have been more than 23,000 DWI arrests. Don’t become part of the statistics. Extra DWI enforcement is taking place on weekends through Dec. 30.

Watch the featured video below to hear how the holidays will never be the same for two families because of drunk driving.

A New Lifeline: ​Text-to-911 Deploys Throughout Minnesota

Text to 911 graphic that says call if you can, text if you can't.In an emergency, dialing 911 is a call for help. But people with hearing loss or those who must remain quiet in a dangerous situation aren’t able to place a call safely or at all. That changed Tuesday when the Emergency Communication Networks division deployed Text-to-911 throughout Minnesota. 

Texting should only be used when someone can’t make a voice call. And speaking with a dispatcher is still the fastest way to get help, so people should remember to: “Call if you can, text if you can’t.”

Text-to-911 will be a first contact option for the 20 percent of Minnesotans with some form of hearing loss. Everyone else should call 911, unless they cannot speak during an emergency, such as a home invasion or domestic violence situation. News Release | Text-to-911 Page | Fact Sheet

‘Tis the Season for Carbon Monoxide Safety

Photo of a CO alarmAnother season in the Minnesota deep freeze means you’ll be using indoor heating and cooking appliances more while getting less fresh air in the house as you try to shut out the cold.

But, if your appliances and heat sources aren’t ventilated properly or are malfunctioning, carbon monoxide could build up and lead to a deadly situation. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have working CO alarms.

Several incidents involving carbon monoxide have already happened in Minnesota this winter. Learn more about how to protect your family from CO poisoning in this recent DPS Blog post.

Featured Video

Video Description: To stress the importance of lining up a sober ride, Hitesh Patel and Sgt. Catherine Michal joined the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety to kick off the holiday extra DWI enforcement campaign beginning Nov. 22 and running on weekends through Dec. 30.