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Add Bullying Prevention to Your Back-to-School Checklist

Children boarding a school bus
If you’re a parent, chances are you’re somewhere in the throes of back-to-school frenzy: tracking down supply lists, making sure your kids have enough notebooks or socks, checking the school bus schedule. But while you’re getting them prepped to go back to lockers and classrooms and gym, don’t forget to talk to them about bullying.

Learn how to talk to your child about preventing and dealing with bullying, what to do if they report it, and how to practice reporting in our latest blog.

Human Error to Blame for 911 Outage on Aug. 1

A 911 dispatcherCenturyLink has confirmed that a mistake made by an employee of a third party vendor triggered an outage that disrupted 911 service in Minnesota on August 1. CenturyLink says that West Safety Services was performing maintenance on its network when the outage happened. Minnesota, North Carolina and North Dakota were affected.

CenturyLink says 693 calls to Minnesota 911 dispatch centers failed to be routed during the outage. Read the timeline of events during the 65 minute outage and what service providers are doing to prevent another outage in the future. 

911 remains a trusted service. In an emergency, reporting parties should continue to dial 911. Alternative numbers should only be used in the event of an outage.

Learn about the New Look for Minnesota Driver’s License and ID Cards

New Minnesota driver's license design in horizontal and vertical orientationYou may know that we've unveiled a new driver’s license and ID card design. But did you know that you don’t need to rush out and get a new card with the new design?

The old design and new design will be in circulation for the next four years, and both are valid forms of identification until they expire or are canceled.

Cards featuring the new design began going out to Minnesotans whose application or renewal was processed after August 6.

Learn more on our New Driver's License and ID Card Design page and this recent blog post.

Featured Video

Video Description: A new driver’s license design was unveiled, a 911 outage affected parts of the state, and the statewide speed campaign came to a close since the last edition of “Public Safety: In Focus.” Get caught up with what’s going on in this new edition.