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Domestic Violence is an Equal-Opportunity Destroyer

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You could call domestic violence an equal-opportunity destroyer. It doesn’t discriminate. Victims and their abusers can be male or female, young or old, gay or straight. They can be any race, any religion. Rich or poor; any level of education; married, living together or dating: Anyone can have their lives altered and even destroyed by domestic violence.

This blog tells you the main components of domestic violence and what you can do about it, whether you’re a victim or a bystander, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and beyond.

Nine Counties Will Receive State Disaster Assistance

A road with the edge washed out by floodingGov. Walz has authorized state disaster assistance for nine counties that sustained damages caused by severe thunderstorms, damaging winds, heavy rain and flooding. The storms rolled through Blue Earth, Cottonwood, Dodge, Fillmore, Freeborn, Houston, Le Sueur, Wabasha and Winona counties during July 16-20. Local roads, publically-owned utilities and parks sustained extensive damage.

HSEM staff conducted a preliminary damage assessment and verified more than $2 million in eligible damages to public property and infrastructure. Recovery specialists will now work with the counties as they make repairs and pay for response costs.

The state will cover 75 percent of the costs, with local governments covering the remaining 25 percent. Learn more about the state disaster declaration process.

Fire in Minnesota: The People Behind the Numbers

A firefighter walking in front of a burning home

​Teresa was an artist. Todd was a computer analyst. Tom retired from the U.S. Postal Service after 35 years and played in a rock band, and Carter couldn’t wait to graduate from high school. But they all died in 2018 fires in Minnesota. These people may be expressed as numbers in the newly released 2018 Fire in Minnesota Report, but they’re incredibly important numbers: They help us learn.

In our blog, you can find out how we can all learn from the data to help prevent fires and avoid becoming numbers.

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