Commissioner's Office

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety


DPS Performance Report

The DPS Performance Report summarizes the mission, goals and performance measures of the divisions of the Department of Public Safety. 


Report of the Metro Gang Strike Force Review Panel

The Report of the Metro Gang Strike Force Review Panel constitutes the findings and recommendations of the Metro Gang Strike Force Review Panel. The panel was formed on May 26, 2009, at the request of the former commissioner of Public Safety, Michael Campion. The two members of the Review Panel were Andrew M. Luger and John Patrick Egelhof. 

The panel was formed following the May 20, 2009 Financial Audit Division Report. The Legislative Auditor's Report concluded that the Metro Gang Strike Force's internal controls were not adequate to safeguard seized and forfeited property, properly authorize its financial transactions, accurately record its financial activity in the accounting records, and conduct its financial activities in a reasonable and prudent manner.