Advisory Committee on Capitol Area Security

The Advisory Committee on Capitol Area Security (ACCAS) assesses current safety and security risks in the Capitol Area and discusses developments that might affect those risks in the future. ACCAS provides advice and recommendations to the governor and legislature regarding:

  • Security priorities.
  • Strategies for addressing these priorities.
  • Recommendations for funding to implement the strategies.

ACCAS consults with the commissioners of administration and public safety, the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board, the director of the Minnesota Historical Society, and the sergeants-at-arms of the senate and house of representatives.

By Jan. 15 each year, ACCAS provides a general assessment of security in the Capitol Area, describes improvements implemented, and recommend future improvements. It also offers recommendations for capital or operating expenditures, statutory changes, or other changes in security-related policies or practices. All this information is presented in an annual report, which can also include draft legislation to implement any recommended changes in law. ACCAS presents the report to the governor, the chairs and ranking minority members of the legislative committees with jurisdiction over the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board and the Department of Public Safety, and the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

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