document search tips

Keyword Search Box

You may find a document search box on some pages on
image of document search on
Pages with this search function are typically named "Documents" or "Forms." To search for a document or form, type a few descriptive words in the keyword search box, and press the Enter key or click the "search" button at the bottom. A results page appears with a list of documents that are related to your search terms, with the most relevant search results appearing at the top of the page. By default, only pages that include all of your search terms are returned. So to broaden or restrict the search, include fewer or more terms. You do not need to include "and" between the terms.

Phrase Search

Search for exact phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. ("help for crime victims") Search results will be returned that are specific to the phrase entered.


Searches on are not case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you enter them, are handled as lower case. For example, “help for crime victims” and “Help for Crime Victims” return the same results.

Effective Search Terms

Specific words and multiple search terms may help refine your search and provide more valuable results than general or single search terms.