Text that says 2023 National Preparedness Month. The Ready.gov logo. Three women smiling and laughing. ​HSEM: Take control and prepare for an emergency with three steps​​​​​

Sept. 21

Having a plan can save you precious time in an emergency, when every second counts. That's why our Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) division is teaming up with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support local efforts...

The hands of two people grasped on a tabletop. ​​​​​OJP: Grant programs put resources in hands of local community experts

Sept. 18

All across our state, Minnesotans are putting their passion to work and serving their community. Our Office of Justice Programs (OJP) currently has two funding opportunities available to support community-based violence prevention and intervention programs...

Three people on stage talking and seated audience members listening.​​​​Multilingual virtual assistant provides award-winning service to Minnesotans of all backgrounds

Sept. 14

It can be a challenge to navigate getting your driver's license. You need to make sure you know the rules of the road, get your paperwork in order and meet all the licensing requirements. It's even more diffic​ult if — like more than 10 percent of Minnesotans — English isn't your first language...​

A person washing dishes in a restaurant kitchen. Changes to labor trafficking law help BCA protect Minnesotans

Sept. 11

Imagine: You're offered a job that sounds too good to be true. You take it, but before you start, your boss explains that there is required equipment you have to buy upfront that costs thousands of dollars. When you explain you can't pay, he says he'll loan you the money...

Training participants working with computers and radio equipment.ECN training specializes in keeping up communication when it’s critical​​​​​​

Sept. 7

A windstorm has knocked out cell towers and phone lines — but residents and emergency responders still need to communicate. That's where our Emergency Communication Networks (ECN) division comes in. As first responders rely more upon new communications technologies...

Driver's License for All graphic with examples of ID cards and the website url drive.mn.gov Eligible for Driver’s License for All? Make your appointment now to get the process started​

Sept. 5

If you're one of the estimated 81,000 Minnesotans who will become eligible for a driver's license when Driver's License for All (DL4All) goes into effect Oct. 1, we don't need to tell you how important that card can be. The ability to drive legally can let you take a higher-paying job...​​

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