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Minnesota gets an A in school fire safety

Feb. 16

When you think of school safety, you likely think of things like bullying prevention and keeping the recess roughhousing and hallway running to a minimum. School fire safety may not occur to you at all – and a reason for that might be that Minnesota schools have 47 percent fewer fires each year than the national average. School fires just don’t happen as much here.

Everyday heroes: The State Patrol awards​

Feb. 13

If you’ve ever been in a car crash, you know how scary they are. And sometimes they’re bad enough that you can’t get yourself to safety. Imagine, for example, being the passenger of a crashed car that had just started on fire. You look over to the driver and realize he’s pinned in his seat. You can’t get out to save yourself, much less him. So imagine your relief when a random citizen comes along and breaks your window to pull you to safety. And when another citizen comes along to assist the first responders in keeping the driver cool and the flames at ​bay until the Jaws of Life arrive.​


Communicating across generations in an emergency​

Feb. 9

You’re sitting at home, reading a book or watching TV, when the lights go out. What happened? What do you do next – and most importantly, where do you go for information? The answer to that last question may depend in part on how old you are. That’s what emergency managers examined at a panel discussion held at the 52nd Annual Governor’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management conference.​


​How to win against DWIs? Plan ahead​

Feb. 6

No matter how you feel about the outcome of yesterday’s Super Bowl, hopefully you had fun watching it and got home safely. And if you’re among the thousands of Minnesotans who planned a sober ride home after the game, congratulations and thank you. Unfortunately, not everyone did. Over the Super Bowl period so far (Sunday through this morning), preliminary numbers show that Minnesota law enforcement arrested 142 impaired drivers, and what’s sad is that every single one is avoidable with a little planning.​