A car driving in rain without headlights on Headlights: They’re not just for nighttime

July 22

When troopers pull motorists over for not having their lights on in inclement weather, the majority of them say they had no idea it was a law. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law is no excuse. There are three situations in which the law requires you to have your headlights and taillights on – and only one of them is nighttime. If that seems confusing​...​

​​ Vehicles on a metro area freeway Summer should be fun, not tragic

July 19

It's mid-July, the height of summer. If you're not headed up to the cabin on a road trip, you're probably driving the kids to the pool or the park—and so is everyone else. That's why we call the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day the 100 most-traveled days on Minnesota roads. But all that extra vehicle travel can lead to more crashes and more deaths...

Members of the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Task Force watch their classmates during a MN Advanced Rider CourseWho best to advise on motorcycle safety? Experienced motorcyclists, of course.

July 15

Picture it: You have a toothache. Do you ask a first-year college student who is thinking about going into medicine to fix it? Of course not. You find a well-trained, licensed dentist with experience in your particular problem. The same rationale applies to motorcycle safety: You need help from...

Thor Guard lightning detection system at the National Sports Center in BlaineHow to forget the lightning and focus on the sport​

July 12

No matter what your child does for extracurricular activities – ballet, theater, track, you name it – you want them to be safe while doing it. The same is true for the hundreds of families arriving in Minnesota with their young soccer players for this week’s USA CUP. The same wide-open spaces that allow players plenty of room to dribble and pass can also be...

​​​ Staff working in the State Emergency Operations Center​The longest job you never knew about​

July 8

Most of us think of emergencies as lasting only a few hours – a few days, at most. House fires. Car crashes. Natural disasters. But Minnesotans – and the world – just lived through an emergency that lasted ​almost 18 months. And the State Emergency Operations Center, coordinated and hosted by our Homeland Security and Emergency Management division​...

Legal vs. illegal fireworks graphic

Fireworks are fun. Here's how to use them legally and safely.

July 1

Sure, sparklers are legal. But they burn at 1,200 degrees, so if you don't handle them according to instructions, you can burn yourself badly. For example, the directions on packages of sparklers say to light only one at a time—but Andrew Kuechle of Eden Prairie has three kids. So during their...

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