A dry Christmas tree and a watered Christmas tree after a fire demonstration. The dry tree is much more burned

Fire safety: The best ​holiday tradition

Dec. 20

Ah, the holidays: Whether we have a house full of friends and family or we retreat to a little cabin in the woods, many of us do some combination of heating, cooking, and lighting candles. Those three activities happen to be three of the leading causes of fires in Minnesota, especially around the holidays. Fortunately, if you add fire prevention to your holiday traditions...

​​ A car in a snow-filled ditch and a State Patrol squad car on the shoulder of a highway The top 10 winter driving tips f​rom the State Patrol

Dec. 9

Snow and ice can make driving a bit more challenging, even if you grew up here. It not only involves knowing what to do while your vehicle is in motion, but preparing carefully before you leave the house and being ready in case of a crash. Based on the typical wintertime crashes they see every year, here are the Minnesota State Patrol’s top 10 winter driving tips...

​​ Driving Sober. The perfect holiday gift. Drive Smart. Drive Sober. ​​A DWI is no holiday

Dec. 6

Eggnog. Mulled wine. Seasonal ​beers and festive cocktails. The holidays can pose tough choices. But there's one choice that's not only easy to make; it will save lives. That's the choice not to drive if you've been drinking. For people who make the wrong choice, though, there are extra DWI patrols o​n Minnesota roads. The campaign started Nov. 24 and runs...