A woman putting her seat belt onThere are no guarantees in life. Except that a seat belt will protect you in a crash.

June 17

What would you say if we told you there's something that can remarkably increase your chances of surviving a car crash? Something like a force field that will keep you from being thro​wn from the vehicle during a collision – something that takes alm​ost no time? If such a thing existed, would you...

​​ Minneapolis skyline with emergency symbols and text that says using geography to keep Minnesota safe Don’t know where you are? 911 can still help.

June 14

​Imagine you're driving down a country road at night when someone in the car with you has a heart attack. You call 911, but you can't tell the dispatcher where you are because you don't know—you can't see a road sign or mile marker or building anywhere. The dispatcher can tell which cell tower your phone is pinging, but those can cover a wide area... ​


​​ A motorcyclist following a curve in the road Motorcycle training: A chat with Bill Shaffer

June 10

Bill Shaffer is the director of the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC) and a dedicated motorcycle enthusiast and rider in his own right. Now that the 2021 motorcycle training season is underway in Minnesota, we sat down with him to learn about the trends and issues he’s seeing with riders lately, and how the many motorcycle training courses...​

A damaged room in a home after a fire caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette Quitting smoking is hard. Preventing smoking-related fire deaths is not.

June 7

It's strange to look at the room in this photo and think about what it looked like before fire destroyed it. You can imagine the picture on the wall was a family photo or a beautiful landscape. You can imagine a family gathered around the TV, laughing at their favorite show together...

​​​ An aerial view of a farm field When is a co​​nference not a conference?

June 3

When it's an unconference. For the second year in a row, the Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs (DPS-OJP) hosted their annual get-together, free of charge, online (after more than 30 years of gathering in person) in May. Unconference attendees included prosecutors, victim service providers, victim advocates, law enforcement personnel, judges​...