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Minnesota Crime Alert Network

The Minnesota Crime Alert Network is a statewide communications network that enables law Crime Alert Logoenforcement agencies to quickly alert the public about a crime or criminals. Nearly 10,000 Minnesota law enforcement agencies, businesses, schools and community members participate in the network.

The network was established and its duties defined by Minnesota Statute.

If your law enforcement agency would like to host a Minnesota Crime Alert Network workshop, contact the Crime Alert Network Office at (651) 793-1120 or

Receive Crime Alerts

Businesses and organizations may subscribe to receive crime alerts related to their business for an annual fee of $12. The public may also sign up to receive alerts. Crime alerts can be received by phone, fax, text, or email. Please note any crime alert attachments and images can only be viewed through the email alert option. Subscribers wishing to receive only Amber Alerts incur no annual fee (must select an email alert option).

Create a Crime Alert account.


Receive Amber Alerts 

Amber Alerts are available free of charge unless combined with other crime alert preferences. Amber Alert subscribers must provide an email alert option when creating an account so attachments and images are viewable.
If you are already subscribed to receive Crime Alerts, you may edit your account to include Amber Alerts in your preferences under the Additional Information tab.


Send Crime Alerts (Law Enforcement Only)

BCA-certified law enforcement personnel may distribute information about a crime or criminals through the Crime Alert Network. Personnel will receive a username and password once certification is granted.
Law enforcement personnel needing assistance sending a Crime Alert should contact the Crime Alert Network Office at (651) 793-1120 or