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Minnesota Missing and Unidentified Persons Clearinghouse

The Minnesota Missing and Unidentified Persons Clearinghouse is a tool to assist in the recovery of missing children and adults in the state of Minnesota. It was created by and its duties are defined in Minnesota statute through the Minnesota Missing Persons Act.


The Minnesota Missing and Unidentified Persons Clearinghouse posts information about children who have been reported missing to a law enforcement agency. Appropriate information on missing adults and/or unidentified persons is also included. Anyone recognizing individuals on this page should immediately contact the investigating agency. For more information about this bulletin call (651) 793-1118. 

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Achermann, Peter  Missing Person
Missing from: Motley, MN
Missing since: 7/24/2009
Current age: 95
Andersen, Lauren  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Louis Park, MN
Missing since: 11/15/1981
Current age: 61
Anderson, Aaron  Missing Person
Missing from: Pine City
Missing since: 4/7/1989
Current age: 35
Anderson, Carla  Missing Person
Missing from: Wadena, MN
Missing since: 11/13/1987
Current age: 58
Anger, Linda Jean Missing Person
Missing from: Rochester, MN
Missing since: 5/7/1993
Current age: 69
Missing from: Sawyer, MN
Missing since: 11/23/2013
Current age: 31
Aymar, Haley Elizabeth Missing Person
Missing from: Mounds View
Missing since: 12/3/2015
Current age: 31
Ayotte, Kevin  Missing Person
Missing from: Sugarbush Township
Missing since: 9/30/1982
Current age: 43
Bachman, Toni  Missing Person
Missing from: White Bear Township, MN
Missing since: 5/12/1997
Current age: 63
Barrett, Brian Lee Missing Person
Missing from: Mille Lacs County, MN
Missing since: 6/6/1995
Current age: 46
Benn, Roy George Missing Person
Missing from: Sauk Rapids, MN
Missing since: 9/25/1967
Current age: 114
Bess, Tori  Missing Person
Missing from: Eveleth, MN
Missing since: 2/21/2013
Current age: 45
Borowiak, Roger  Missing Person
Missing from: Mankato, MN
Missing since: 5/25/1995
Current age: 73
Boswell, JoJo  Missing Person
Missing from: Owatonna, MN
Missing since: 7/11/2005
Current age: 37
Boyd, Damon Lee Missing Person
Missing from: Itasca County, MN
Missing since: 5/27/2014
Current age: 37
Boyd, Leroy Keith Missing Person
Missing from: Aitkin County, MN
Missing since: 5/25/2008
Current age: 81
Bradley, Tamara Colleen Missing Person
Missing from: Minneapolis, MN
Missing since: 9/30/1994
Current age: 58
Bromenschenkel, Ronnie  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Cloud, MN
Missing since: 8/6/1986
Current age: 62
Brown, Cindi  Missing Person
Missing from: Roseville, MN
Missing since: 7/29/1980
Current age: 64
Christle, Cody R Missing Person
Missing from: Hinckley, MN
Missing since: 5/12/2014
Current age: 29
Dahl, David Allen Missing Person
Missing from: Ramsey, MN
Missing since: 11/14/2017
Current age: 60
Dalluge, Noel  Missing Person
Missing from: Dam Lake, Aitkin MN
Missing since: 10/31/1986
Current age: 53
Deeny, John  Missing Person
Missing from: Janesville, MN
Missing since: 3/20/1973
Current age: 69
Dengerud, Theodore  Missing Person
Missing from: Sunburg, MN
Missing since: 4/3/1982
Current age: 70
Dow, Mato  Missing Person
Missing from: Redwood Falls, MN
Missing since: 10/13/2017
Current age: 30
Eagleshield, Melissa  Missing Person
Missing from: Rochert/Detroit Lakes
Missing since: 10/5/2014
Current age: 50
Edberg, Nathan  Missing Person
Missing from: Vadnais Heights, MN
Missing since: 4/14/1999
Current age: 45
Ellsworth, Kevin  Missing Person
Missing from: International Falls
Missing since: 7/11/1982
Current age: 59
Erstad, Corrine  Missing Person
Missing from: Inver Grove Heights, MN
Missing since: 6/1/1992
Current age: 35
Feiner, Laurie  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Paul, MN
Missing since: 5/9/1992
Current age: 60
Folz, Mark  Missing Person
Missing from: Willmar, MN
Missing since: 1/15/2003
Current age: 69
Foote, Gerald Lee Missing Person
Missing from: Princeton, MN
Missing since: 10/25/1978
Current age: 78
Forcum, Roseanna  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Paul, MN.
Missing since: 8/10/1998
Current age: 39
Franklin, Larry  Missing Person
Missing from: Jay Cook State Park, MN
Missing since: 9/23/2003
Current age: 66
Franzel, Martin  Missing Person
Missing from: Minneapolis, MN
Missing since: 6/14/1963
Current age: 121
Geyer, April  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Paul, MN.
Missing since: 8/10/1998
Current age: 45
Guimond, Joshua  Missing Person
Missing from: Collegeville, MN
Missing since: 11/10/2002
Current age: 40
Hanson, Todd  Missing Person
Missing from: South St. Paul, MN
Missing since: 5/2/1993
Current age: 54
Haynes, Harold  Missing Person
Missing from: Ham Lake, MN
Missing since: 10/1/1978
Current age: 68
Hiehle, Wendy  Missing Person
Missing from: Grand Casino Hinckley
Missing since: 6/1/2004
Current age: 54
Hudalla, Bernard  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Paul, MN
Missing since: 3/5/1983
Current age: 60
Ingersoll, Donna  Missing Person
Missing from: Wabasha, MN
Missing since: 12/17/1990
Current age: 56
Jacobson, John  Missing Person
Missing from: Bismarck, ND
Missing since: 11/16/1996
Current age: 31
Jacobson, Sandra  Missing Person
Missing from: Bismarck, ND.
Missing since: 11/16/1996
Current age: 62
Jansen, Kyle David Missing Person
Missing from: Mankato
Missing since: 12/22/1991
Current age: 33
Jensrud, Evan  Missing Person
Missing from: Cambridge, MN
Missing since: 2/10/2021
Current age: 36
Jourdain, Jeremy  Missing Person
Missing from: Bemidji, MN
Missing since: 10/31/2016
Current age: 23
Jurgens, Judy  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Louis Park, MN
Missing since: 10/28/1982
Current age: 58
Kahlstorf, James  Missing Person
Missing from: Hubbard County, MN
Missing since: 4/19/2008
Current age: 74
Kerze, Christopher  Missing Person
Missing from: Eagan, MN
Missing since: 4/20/1990
Current age: 49
Khan, Wendy  Missing Person
Missing from: Mankato, MN
Missing since: 6/1/2018
Current age: 51
Kingbird, Nevaeh  Missing Person
Missing from: Bemidji, MN
Missing since: 10/22/2021
Current age: 16
Klein, Daniel  Missing Person
Missing from: Minneapolis
Missing since: 11/10/1951
Current age: 75
Klein, David  Missing Person
Missing from: Minneapolis
Missing since: 11/10/1951
Current age: 77
Klein, Kenneth  Missing Person
Missing from: Minneapolis
Missing since: 11/10/1951
Current age: 78
Koch, Richard  Missing Person
Missing from: Maplewood, MN
Missing since: 6/27/1989
Current age: 93
Kramer, Janet  Missing Person
Missing from: Willmar, MN
Missing since: 1/1/1971
Current age: 65
Lano, Todd  Missing Person
Missing from: Mound, MN
Missing since: 5/31/2017
Current age: 40
Lee, Hang  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Paul
Missing since: 1/15/1993
Current age: 46
Lee, Thomas Timothy Missing Person
Missing from: 
Missing since: 6/16/1993
Current age: 72
Leung, Timothy  Missing Person
Missing from: Minneapolis, MN
Missing since: 3/27/1997
Current age: 49
Long, Mary Jo Lee Missing Person
Missing from: Gardena, California
Missing since: 12/27/1981
Current age: 58
Lucas-Gomez, Romairo  Missing Person
Missing from: Waite Park, MN
Missing since: 7/3/2022
Current age: 17
Maleska, Daniel  Missing Person
Missing from: Grand Rapids, MN
Missing since: 5/25/1987
Current age: 68
McMillan, Mary Kay Missing Person
Missing from: Columbia Heights, MN
Missing since: 12/28/2000
Current age: 62
Meiser, Michelle  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Paul, MN
Missing since: 3/11/1977
Current age: 68
Mishow, Kateri Marie Missing Person
Missing from: Minneapolis, MN
Missing since: 1/5/2007
Current age: 38
Newham, Sr., Timothy  Missing Person
Missing from: Aitkin County, MN
Missing since: 5/18/1992
Current age: 79
Newville, Daniel  Missing Person
Missing from: New London, MN
Missing since: 8/1/2002
Current age: 38
Olson, Alan Wayne Missing Person
Missing from: 
Missing since: 9/15/2010
Current age: 43
Owczynsky, Victoria  Missing Person
Missing from: Minneapolis
Missing since: 8/26/1990
Current age: 49
Paciotti, Barbara  Missing Person
Missing from: Hibbing, MN
Missing since: 6/14/1969
Current age: 73
Pagnac, Amy Sue Missing Person
Missing from: Osseo, MN
Missing since: 8/5/1989
Current age: 46
Pease, April  Missing Person
Missing from: Bloomington, MN
Missing since: 3/17/2009
Current age: 43
Perez, Lucia  Missing Person
Missing from: Worthington, MN
Missing since: 6/27/2011
Current age: 52
Peterson, Eric  Missing Person
Missing from: Lakeville, MN
Missing since: 1/19/2010
Current age: 37
Pollard, Sharice  Missing Person
Missing from: Minneapolis, MN
Missing since: 4/17/1992
Current age: 49
Richart, Brandon  Missing Person
Missing from: Anoka, MN
Missing since: 11/5/2021
Current age: 42
Rulford, Joanne  Missing Person
Missing from: Minneapolis, MN
Missing since: 11/1/1988
Current age: 58
Safranski, Veronica  Missing Person
Missing from: Warren, MN
Missing since: 10/27/1996
Current age: 66
Schmidt, Cynthia Mae Missing Person
Missing from: St. Cloud, MN
Missing since: 8/6/1986
Current age: 54
Schroetter, Harold William Missing Person
Missing from: Falcon Heights, MN
Missing since: 2/26/2009
Current age: 70
Sherwood, Philip  Missing Person
Missing from: White Bear Lake, MN
Missing since: 2/1/2019
Current age: 72
Smith, Georgia  Missing Person
Missing from: Champlin, MN
Missing since: 6/29/1999
Current age: 99
Squire, William  Missing Person
Missing from: Hastings, MN
Missing since: 10/25/1982
Current age: 67
St. Clair, Sheila  Missing Person
Missing from: Duluth, MN
Missing since: 8/15/2015
Current age: 55
Strand , Timothy Scott Missing Person
Missing from: Cokato, MN
Missing since: 5/8/2019
Current age: 66
Swanson, Brandon  Missing Person
Missing from: Marshall, MN.
Missing since: 5/14/2008
Current age: 33
Swedell, Susan Anne Missing Person
Missing from: Lake Elmo, MN
Missing since: 1/19/1988
Current age: 54
Tennison, James  Missing Person
Missing from: Aitkin
Missing since: 10/15/1992
Current age: 48
Ulvi, Helen  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Paul, MN
Missing since: 10/21/1978
Current age: 103
Underhill, William  Missing Person
Missing from: St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN
Missing since: 3/1/1969
Current age: 74
VanLith, Belinda  Missing Person
Missing from: Little Eagle Lake, MN
Missing since: 6/15/1974
Current age: 65
Warner, Leeanna Marie Missing Person
Missing from: Chisholm, MN
Missing since: 6/14/2003
Current age: 24
Williams, Nathaniel Edison Missing Person
Missing from: Morris, MN
Missing since: 9/28/2004
Current age: 39
Witte, Marvin Duane Missing Person
Missing from: Winona, MN
Missing since: 12/22/2005
Current age: 68