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Permit to Carry Reciprocity

Minnesota Law

  • Under Minnesota law, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is required to publish a list of states which have handgun carry permit laws that are not similar to Minnesota’s permit-to-carry law.
  • Minnesota permit-to-carry law is M.S. 624.714. Subdivision 16 deals with “recognition of permits from other states.”

States with Laws NOT Similar to Minnesota (not valid in Minnesota)

​Alabama ​​​Maine ​Oklahoma
​Arizona ​Maryland Oregon
​Arkansas ​​Massachusetts
Missouri Texas
Montana​ Utah
​Florida ​Nebraska
​Georgia ​Nevada
​Hawaii New Hampshire
​Indiana New York
​Iowa Ohio Wyoming

Out of State Permits Valid in Minnesota

Alaska​ Louisiana
​​​North Dakota (Class 1 License only)
​Rhode Island
​​Idaho (Enhanced permit only)
New Jersey ​South Carolina
Illinois New Mexico South Dakota (Enhanced permit only)
Kansas (Standard permit only) North Carolina
​West Virginia (Regular permit only)

  • The West Virginia Regular permit has been added as a valid out-of-state permit because it requires a minimum age of 21 and mandates training that includes live-fire shooting.
  • Nevada has been withdrawn as a similar state because age 21 is no longer the minimum age for all permit applicants. Minnesota law requires all applicants to be at least 21 years old, without exception.
  • Delaware was removed because age 21 is not the minimum age to obtain a permit.
  • In 2021, Kansas added a provisional license for individuals aged 18-20.  The provisional license is not valid in Minnesota. The standard permit has a minimum age of 21 and is therefore recognized in Minnesota.

Annual reviews

As directed by the law, DPS will annually review state laws governing the issuance of permits to carry weapons and will publish an updated list on its website each year.
Please note that the pe​rmit issued by your state does not supersede Minnesota's laws or regulations. Legal conduct in your state may not be legal in Minnesota.