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Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Advisory Group

The Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Advisory Group is the state advisory group on statewide criminal justice information policy and funding issues. The Advisory Group studies and makes recommendations to the governor, the Supreme Court, and the legislature on issues including:
  • data practices related to criminal justice information
  • individual privacy rights
  • data on race and ethnicity
  • information-sharing at the local, state, and federal levels
  • technology education and innovation
  • the impact of proposed legislation on the criminal justice system related to information systems and business processes
  • data and identification standards
The Advisory Group operates under the authority of Minnesota Statute 299C.65. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s Minnesota Justice Information Services also provides administrative support.

Advisory Group membership is defined in statute.
One role of the Advisory Group is to advocate for legislative funding for projects that enhance or improve criminal justice information integration that are initiated by partner agencies or organizations. Projects that the Advisory Group or its predecessor recommended for funding in the past have received millions in state funding. Criminal justice agencies, organizations and personnel who would like the Advisory Group to possibly support their initiative should use this form to submit project information for Advisory Group review. Agencies wishing to formally submit an issue for Advisory Group consideration should complete and submit an Issue Submittal Form.