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October 03, 2022
Two Locations Now Offering Same-Day Standard Class D Driver's Licenses
Lakeville, Moorhead Offices Offering Same-Day Cards as Part of Pilot Program

ST. PAUL — For the first time, Minnesotans have the option to receive a standard class D driver's license on the same day at two office locations participating in a pilot project.

The same-day issued cards are available to those who apply for, renew or replace a standard class D driver's license, permit or identification card (ID) at the Dakota County License Center in Lakeville or the Clay County Department of Motor Vehicles in Moorhead.

The same-day issued cards will be available at these two locations as part of a pilot program authorized by the Minnesota Legislature. The program started today and runs through June 30, 2023. These cards are not available at other driver's license offices or at Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) exam stations.

Same-day issued cards are only available for standard class D driver's licenses, permits and Minnesota IDs. A standard driver's license and permit is valid for regular passenger vehicles and light trucks and is available with a motorcycle endorsement. There is no additional fee for a same-day issued card.

Visit drive.mn.gov for more information about application fees and identification requirements.

Not available for same-day issue are:

  • REAL ID compliant driver's licenses, permits or IDs
  • Enhanced driver's licenses, permits or IDs
  • Commercial driver's licenses or permits

Customers cannot renew or replace a REAL ID or an enhanced driver's license or ID and have the card issued the same day. They will need to downgrade to a standard card to receive it over the counter.

“This pilot program meets the needs of Minnesotans who would require a same-day card," said DVS Director Pong Xiong. “We are happy to provide this efficient, innovative service to fulfill our customer's expectations."

Same-day issued cards have a slightly different look and feel than traditionally issued cards due to the card stock and laminate used in the printing process. The same-day issued cards are less flexible. More information about the differences between the two cards is in this fact sheet on our website.

Federal Enforcement of REAL ID Begins on May 3, 2023

Starting May 3, 2023, Minnesotans will not be able to use a standard driver's license or ID — including same-day issued cards — to board a domestic flight or enter certain federal facilities. Visit REALID.DPS.MN.gov for more information.


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