Commissioner's Office

A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Staff Contacts

Alayah Reynolds, Administrative Specialist. (Vest Reimbursements, Public Safety Officer Benefit Programs - Continued Health Care and Death Benefit Program - Data Practice Contact Routing.)
(651) 201-7160
Sydnee Woods, Legal Counsel
(651) 201-7170
Lynnaia Jacobsen, Executive Aide to Commissioner John Harrington. (Meetings and Speaking Engagements for Commissioner Harrington.)
(651) 201-7165
Katie Knutson, Director of Legislative Affairs. (Questions regarding department legislative issues.)
(651) 201-7169
Driver License Services, (for questions or concerns regarding your driver license services, please contact Driver and Vehicle Services).
(651) 297-3298
Vehicle Services, (ownership transfers, titles, liens and vehicle registration).
(651) 297-2126