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What's New?

Online Brand Label Registration Now Available

​The Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division (AGED) has implemented an online brand label registration system.

The process for renewing brand labels previously took several weeks. Now, renewals are processed online and available immediately.

For those applying for new labels, the process is now completed in a matter of days, opposed to several weeks.

For new brand label registration visit:

To renew a current label, visit:


Minnesota Liquor Laws and Rules Handbook

​The 2016 Introduction to Minnesota Liquor Laws and Rules handbook is now available. 

As laws change and the craft brew industry blossoms, there are many requirements for establishments that have changed in recent years.

The handbook details Minnesota liquor laws for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and the general public.

Illegal Texas Hold'em Investigation

​Agents with the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division have received seven complaints in recent months regarding establishments hosting illegal Texas Hold’em games. The businesses are located in the Twin Cities and in Greater Minnesota.

Agents have investigated the establishments for holding games that require a buy-in or using hold’em as a fundraiser.

Minnesota law prohibits establishments without a charitable gambling license to hold games that require a person to pay to play. Owners are responsible for knowing what is taking place in their establishments.

The goal of AGED is to educate establishments on what is and what is not legal gambling in Minnesota. Repeat violators will be subject to criminal or civil penalties.