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Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement

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Kellie Murray
Supervises office support staff and alcohol related inquiries and complaints
Mike McManus
Liquor compliance and alcohol related inquires and complaints
Crystal Peitrzak

  • All city and county wine, club, off-sale, county licenses, all Iron Range cities (new and renewal, on and off sale), wine educators, cooking/culinary school, sensory, Metropolitan Airport Commission (new and renewal on and off sales), all state issued licenses, all U of M regents license, temporary license. 

Carl Albrecht
  • Brewers, brew pub off sales, wineries, distilleries, wholesalers, importers, taproom, cocktail r​​oom, distillery off sale, common carrier/tour boats, branch licenses, brand labels, farm winery, brokers, sacramental wine. 

Jessica Henry
  • ​​​All 3.2 licenses, city issued on-sale licenses, optional 2 a.m. licenses, caterer application, temporary licenses, ethyl alcohol, consumption and display, municipal accounts, Tribal, military, buyers cards, bed and breakfast. 


Lawful and Illegal Gambling Complaints
Special Agent in Charge Jon Anglin
For questions regarding the Lottery, please contact:

For questions regarding lawful or charitable gambling, please contact:


Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division
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Fax: (651) 297-5259
TTYL: (651) 282-6555

Office Hours: AGE staff have returned to full-time, in-person business hours Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please check in at the DPS skyway level information desk prior to coming to the 16th floor.
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St. Paul, MN 55101-2156
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