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​​Tennessen Warning Notice For Minnesota Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Division - Application Licensing Process 


When a government entity collects private/confidential data from an individual about that individual, the entity is required under Minn. Statue §13.04, sub 2 to post a Tennessen warning notice.  The purpose of the notice is to enable an individual to make an informed decision about whether to give data about themselves to the government entity.

Classification of Data Provided

Under MN statute §13.41 sub.2 names and the designated contact address and telephone number are public data and available upon request.  All other information provided on your application prior to licensure approval is classified by law as private data and is accessible to you, but not to the public.  Upon license approval, all information provided on your application, except for: date of birth, social security, non-designated or secondary contact address and telephone number, financial data, state and federal tax ID’s, or data classified under MN statute §13.02 sub.12 as private or sub.13 as protected nonpublic, is public data.  Public data is available to any person upon written request to the AGED.

Purpose and Intended Use

The data requested on each application will be used in determining whether you meet the statutory qualifications and requirements for the license you have applied.  Data from your application will also be relied upon for contact and communication purposes by the AGED.

Requirements to Provide

Chapter 340A and Chapter 299L of Minnesota statutes require that applications for alcohol and gambling device licensure be completed on a form prescribed by the Commissioner of Minnesota Department of Public Safety and certain minimum information may be required.  Individuals are strongly encouraged to review Chapter 340A for alcohol license requirements and Chapter 299L for gambling device license requirements.   Failure to provide any of the requested information could result in the delay or possible denial of your initial or renewal application.  All data collected and stored may be shared upon court order or with other government entities as authorized by law.

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