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'Impaired driving' Means More Than Alcohol

​​A trooper talking with a man during a traffic stopWhat do you think of when you hear the phrase “driving while intoxicated?” You probably get a vision of someone having a few too many drinks at a bar or party and getting behind the wheel – often with disastrous and even deadly consequences. But alcohol isn’t the only substance that can intoxicate a person, and the presence of those other substances may not be as obvious, especially to the untrained eye.

Fortunately, there are 224 well-trained eyes here in Minnesota. That’s 224 law enforcement officers from 112 agencies who are certified as Drug Recognition Evaluators (DREs).

Learn more about the DRE program in our blog.

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Video Description: Help save lives and keep our roads safe by taking a few minutes to watch this video on how to properly secure your load and prepare for the road.