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“Lasting Impact” Video now Available for Showings

​To educate young drivers on the importance of staying safe behind the wheel, the Minnesota State Patrol created Lasting Impact, a video about a teen driver who made a fatal mistake.

LASTING IMPACT (TITLE SCREEN).pngIn December 2015 18-year-old Logan Maas, a Triton High School senior, was killed when he was ejected from the vehicle.

Lasting Impact - WEBSITE 1.pngLasting Impact includes interviews with the Maas family, the driver and school officials, and shows how one life lost can change a community forever.

Learn more about requesting a showing for your high school, driver education class or any organization that would find it valuable.

Ready to Make a Difference in Everyday Lives?

Trooper Vanessa Heller with her family at graduation

Vanessa Heller used to be a paralegal in family law. After that, a court administrator. But she just wasn’t satisfied. Then she saw a video that changed her life.

Now, her office is a sleek, maroon-and-white State Patrol squad car, and Trooper Heller couldn’t be happier.

She made the transformation with the support of her family and the State Patrol’s Law Enforcement Training Opportunity (LETO) Program.

Thinking of making a similar change in your life? Learn about the LETO Program in our blog.

Seven Steps to Becoming a Trooper

State patrol patch on a trooper's uniformYou’ve made the decision.

You’ve done the research, and you’ve broken the news to your friends and family: You’ve decided to apply for the Minnesota State Patrol. And although you’re just itching to get out there and start making Minnesota’s roads safer, it’s going to be 11 months before any of that happens.

Why does it take so long to get hired? The State Patrol is looking for people who share its core values of respect, integrity, courage, honor and excellence. So there are seven steps you have to go through before you can get your badge. Learn what they are in our blog.

Featured Video

Video Description: The Minnesota State Patrol provides an exciting and meaningful career that goes beyond the highway. See how troopers make a difference every day.