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Online Tools Can Help You Be REAL ID Ready

Minnesota REAL ID driver's licenseThe REAL ID federal enforcement deadline is now May 3, 2023. If you renew your license before then, consider applying for a REAL ID. That way you’ll be ready come May 3, 2023.

DVS has online tools to help you find out if a REAL ID is right for you. And the online pre-application and document pre-verification process make applying for a REAL ID easier (and quicker)!

Go to drive.mn.gov and be REAL ID ready.​


​How to Request an Audit on Access of your Driver's License Information​

​Complete and submit the Audit Request Form to Driver and Vehicle Services, Data Services. Read more on requesting an audit of your driver's license or motor vehicle information.​​​​

Consumer Alert: mndrivinglicenserenewal.com is a Private Business

The website mndrivinglicenserenewal.com is a private business and is not affiliated with DPS-DVS or any deputy registrar or driver's license agent office. It charges additional fees that aren't necessary to renewal online. DPS strongly advises not to submit personal information to unauthorized​ websites. 

The state's official website is drive.mn.gov. Select Apply for a Driver's License or State ID and follow the prompts to renew your standard driver's license online. This option is only available for standard driver's license applications that don't need any changes.

Advisory: DMV.org is a Private Business and is not Affiliated with DVS or the Department of Public Safety​

DMV.org is a for-profit website that is privately owned and not affiliated with Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services or any other government agency. DVS does not pr​ovide any data to DMV.org. Third-party websites are allowed to renew registration for other people if the registration holder gives permission and provides a plate number, VIN number and insurance information. Many of these websites charge a fee, in addition to the registration renewal fee, for the service.

DVS offers online registration renewal for standard passenger class vehicles. Information about th​at and other online services is available here.​

Advisory: MinnesotaDriversLicense.org” is a Private Business

The website “MinnesotaDriversLicense.org” is a private business organization and is in no way affiliated with the Driver and Vehicle Services Division of the Department of Public Safety. You are not able to renew your driver's license or register your vehicle on this website! The website charges a fee to purchase a guide, not a license.

To renew your license, register your vehicle, and other service, you must visit an official DVS agent or deputy registrar’s office. Do not pay money for license renewals, tabs or other services to any unauthorized organization.

For official information from the state’s Driver and Vehicle Services Division, visit the homepage.​​