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Safety Tips for Homeowners

Your role in keeping Minnesota safe

The Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety's mission is to protect lives, property, and the environment through the implementation of a program of gas and hazardous liquid pipeline inspections, enforcement, accident and incident investigations, and education. 

Homeowners play an important role in helping keep Minnesota safe. Check out the information below for tips on how you can prevent a pipeline or gas incident.


Call 811 before you dig

One important step homeowners should always take is calling 811 at least two business days before any digging project.

You can learn more about calling 811 and why it's important in this fact sheet.

Keep your gas meter clear

Keeping your gas meter clear of ice and snow can be a challenge in Minnesota. But it's necessary to keep your gas meter working properly.

You can learn mroe about keeping your gas meter clear and why it's important in this fact sheet.