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Washington Traffic Safety Commission: It's a Fine Line Between the Best Ride Ever and the Last Ride Ever

"It's a fine line." That's the message riders have for drivers in a new video from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. Drivers can prevent a motorcyclist's best ride ever from turning into their last ride ever by:

  • Not following too closely.
  • Using a turn signal.
  • Making eye contact.
  • Looking twice for motorcyclists.
  • Driving sober.
  • Putting the phone away.

The video is online at

2018 Motorcycle Fatalities Surpass Total Fatalities for 2017

​The number of Minnesota motorcyclists killed so far this year has already surpassed the total number killed during 2017, and riding season isn't over yet. Preliminary reports show that 57 motorcyclists have been killed as of Oct. 9 this year, compared to 49 at this time last year. A total of 53 motorcyclists were killed during the 2017 riding season.

A common factor in these deaths is helmet use: 41 of the 57 riders killed so far this year were not wearing a helmet. And 32 of the crashes involved only the motorcycle. With weeks of riding season still likely ahead, riders are encouraged to take every precaution necessary to protect themselves, including wearing protective gear and a DOT-approved helmet, keeping their speed in check and always riding sober.

For more information on safe riding, visit our Riding Tips page. 


D’oh! A deer (and other autumn motorcycle dangers)

​​A deer crossing a roadThere’s not much time left in this year’s motorcycle riding season, so you’re likely taking every opportunity to get on your bike and enjoy the crisp (well…sometimes downright cold) fall air and what beautiful fall colors are left.

But along with turkeys and pumpkin spice everything, the season brings with it unique dangers to a motorcycle rider. There is much less daylight. Wet leaves can be slick on the roadway. And deer are out in droves.

See the latest motorcycle crash statistics and what we can learn from them in our blog.

Featured Video

Video Description: Motorcycle crash survivor Geri Katte shares her story after taking a nasty spill on I-35W. Expect the unexpected by always wearing your riding gear, and prepare for the unexpected by taking a riding training course.