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Motorcyclist's Horrific Crash a Reminder How to Make it Home Safely

​​Traffic cam footage of motorcycle crash. So far in 2018, 73 percent of the riders who died in motorcycle crashes were not wearing helmets.

And Geri Katte firmly believes that in her recent motorcycle crash, her helmet saved her life: "Without this helmet, I would be dead. There is no doubt in my mind." 

There is footage of the crash, which shows Geri rolling across three lanes of traffic and, miraculously, not getting hit by an SUV. In our blog​, Geri describes the consequences of her crash, including the realization that riders need to "always expect the unexpected."

Revamped Sharing the Road Brochure Now Available

Riders and drivers need to work together to keep Minnesota roads safe and fatality free. The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center has a new version of its Sharing the Road brochure to provide safety tips to riders and drivers in various situations.

View the brochure online and order some to hand out to your fellow riders, riding organization members and family members and friends. Help spread the word and share the road!​


Featured Video

Video Description: Motorcycle crash survivor Geri Katte shares her story after taking a nasty spill on I-35W. Expect the unexpected by always wearing your riding gear, and prepare for the unexpected by taking a riding training course.