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Apply to Become a Member of the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Task Force

Endorsed motorcyclists who want to be a part of the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Task Force may apply now through May 7. The 15-person task force represents Minnesota motorcyclists and provides input to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety on the operation of the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Program and motorcycle safety in general.

Members must:

  • Own and operate a motorcycle currently registered in Minnesota.
  • Ride a minimum of 3,000 miles per year.
  • Have a valid Minnesota motorcycle license endorsement.

Members will be required to take a rider training course during the first year of their term.

Those interested can apply online on the Minnesota Secretary of State website.​


Pine Technical & Community College Offers Road Guard Courses this Season

Riders can take the MMSC Road Guard Training Course at Pine Technical & Community College this riding season in addition to other regional sites. 

Interested riders can register for the June 19 or Aug. 14 courses on the college's website. Motorcycle clubs and other groups can request to bring the training to their group for a $250 fee. Contact Dawn Sandberg at 320-629-5184 for more information. 

Additional information is on the Road Guard webpage​

Featured Video

Video Description: Get an inside look at MMSC’s Basic Rider Course. This MMSC video in the DPS MIC’D UP series shows beginning riders as they navigate a motorcycle, some for the first time, and learn basic riding skills. The video highlights some of the exercises students master during the 14.5 hour course.​​