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What's New?

MMSC Training Courses Open for Registration

Novice and experienced riders can register now for a training course for the 2019 riding season. Course schedules are posted on training location webpages and registration is open.

New this year:

  • Required eCourse for Basic Rider Course. Students are required to complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation eCourse online within 30 days prior to taking the Basic Rider Course. Students will be sent a link to take the eCourse for free once they register for the course.
  • Training site changes. View an updated map and list of current training sites on the new training brochure.
  • Basic Rider Course price increased to $195.

Training is available for beginning to expert riders. Read a full list of courses offered and descriptions online and register now.​


MMSC Moped Rider Course No Longer Available

​The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC) is no longer offering a moped rider course. MMSC switched to new basic rider course curriculum that will not accommodate moped students.

Any person who has a valid Minnesota driver's license may operate a moped without taking the moped test. Anyone without a driver's license, regardless of age, must obtain a moped operator's permit. Additional information about moped permit requirements is online in the Motorcycle Manual.

Additional information about licensed training providers is available on the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services website.


What We Can Learn from Motorcycle Fatalities

A motorcyclist riding toward a sunset
Even one death – no matter what caused it – is one too many. And it’s important to remember, when looking at statistics about death, that the numbers represent people: parents, friends, cousins, colleagues.

But we can also learn from these statistics in the hope of not repeating history. That’s why looking at the annual statistics for motorcycle deaths in Minnesota is so important.

Read our blog to find out what the numbers can tell you about how to stay safer while riding your motorcycle.

Featured Video

Video Description: Motorcycle crash survivor Geri Katte shares her story after taking a nasty spill on I-35W. Expect the unexpected by always wearing your riding gear, and prepare for the unexpected by taking a riding training course.