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Going Back to 'School' on Your Motorcycle

​​Two motorcyclists listen to an instructor at a training courseAs a motorcyclist, you’re likely fiercely independent. The freedom of the open road with the wind whipping past you can feel like a metaphor for life. So the idea of taking a rider course from the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC) may seem distasteful. But learning is a lifelong endeavor, and that goes for motorcycles as well as books.

Another motorcycle training season has drawn to an official close here in Minnesota. Overall, 5,112 riders took training courses this year – that includes everything from the Basic Rider Course to the Expert Course. Learn more stats and facts in our latest blog.

Featured Video

Video Description: Motorcycle crash survivor Geri Katte shares her story after taking a nasty spill on I-35W. Expect the unexpected by always wearing your riding gear, and prepare for the unexpected by taking a riding training course.