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Motorcycle Safety: Control What You Can

A couple on a motorcycleWhen you’re riding your motorcycle, there are a lot of things you can’t control. It would be easy to think that your safety is out of your hands entirely. Fortunately, that’s not true. There are specific things you can do to ensure that your next ride – and every one after – is as safe as possible.

You can’t control what fellow motorists do. Preliminary numbers show that of the 20 fatal motorcycle crashes so far in 2018, eight included another vehicle. But you can make a crash with another vehicle less likely.

Get valuable tips on what to wear, how to stay vigilant, and where to go for rider training in our blog on motorcycle safety.

Take an Advanced or Expert Course this Season

Riders who have more experience under their belts often think they don't need any more training to improve their skills. You can put those skills to the test by taking the MN Advanced or Expert Rider Course this season.

These 8-hour courses make for a great day out on your motorcycle and are unique to Minnesota. Riders will learn the same techniques that police motorcycle officers learn to keep them safe in any riding situation. Course requirements, locations, schedules and videos are on the training course description pages:

Register early, these courses fill up!​

Groups that Ride Together should Train Together

Before the major group rides fill up your riding season calendar, get your group together to take a training course. You'll all be better riders because of it, which will keep you safe when riding together.

The Intermediate, MN Advanced and MN Expert Rider Courses can all be purchased at a discounted rate by groups or clubs.

  • Intermediate Rider Course group rate: $300.
  • MN Advanced Rider Course group rate: $500.
  • MN Expert Rider Course group rate: $500.

For more details and scheduling, find a training site that offers the course and contact the site coordinator.​


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Video Description: Get an inside look at MMSC’s Basic Rider Course.