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Fabric Impressions

Fabric impressions are the transference of a fabric’s construction pattern to the surface of another material.  We often see fabric impressions in cases such as vehicular hit and run, homicide, sexual assault or burglary.  Impressions can occur from the addition of a substrate, removal of material, and/or a material being embedded.

Fabric impression examinations consist of comparing a questioned impression to fabric standards to determine if any associations, eliminations or positive identifications can be made between the two.

      Questioned Impression on Suspect’s Bumper                      Known Pair of Victim’s Jeans
     Questioned Impression on Suspect’s Bumper                                  Known Pair of Victim’s Jeans

When submitting evidence a fabric standard should be submitted at the same time as the impression.

Evidence can be submitted in the form of:

  • Original Item-should be packaged to protect impression
  • Lifts are acceptable
  • Photographs are acceptable, but only with a scale
  • Cast impressions are acceptable