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Voluntary Damage Reporting

Voluntary Damage Reporting

The Office of Pipeline Safety requests damage information from utility stakeholders. The information is used by this office and others to determine the extent of excavation related damage; the causes of excavation related damage and damage trends over time.  It is also used as a tool for evaluating (or benchmarking) damage prevention efforts. 

MNOPS uses the information to direct resources where they provide the most benefit in reducing damage and increasing public safety.

Even though participation by non-pipeline operators is voluntary, we’ve received a positive response to the program and will continue to request the information. The voluntary damage reporting numbers provided in the past have been recognized nationally. 

Information submission by pipeline operators is not voluntary.

Voluntary Damage Reporting Statistics

2014 VDR Charts

2013 VDR Charts

2012 VDR Charts

2011 VDR Charts

2010 VDR Charts

2009 VDR Charts 

2008 VDR Charts

2007 VDR Charts

2006 VDR Charts

2005 VDR Charts

2004 VDR Charts

2003 VDR Charts

2002 VDR Charts