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We're just saying, 224,000 people can't be wrong​

 Jan. 9, 2017

Screen shot of DPS social media accounts.
​Photo: Follow DPS's social media channels for timely information to help keep you and your family safe.​


Did you know that over 224,000 people follow the Department of Public Safety (DPS) on social media? If you’re not one of them, you could change that right now. Our followers receive important DPS information through our multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts.

DPS social media by the numbers

That breaks down to: 

  • 67,805 Twitter followers for all DPS accounts.
  • 156,812 Facebook fans for all DPS accounts.
  • 3,400 Facebook posts for all accounts in 2016.
  • 3,000 Tweets for all accounts in 2016.
  • 253 followers on Instagram (an 87 percent improvement over this time last year).
  • Over 300 videos on our YouTube channel.

Nine DPS divisions have both Facebook pages and Twitter accounts – and the tweets aren’t just by humans. We have an explosives-detecting K-9 officer at the Minnesota Capitol who has her own Twitter account!

What you’ll find on our social media channels

Here are some examples of the useful and timely information you can find on our social media channels that will fascinate you, help keep you safe, or both:

  • What are the latest updates on crimes? Follow the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
  • What’s the latest on fire and arson investigations? Follow the State Fire Marshal.
  • Want to see brand-new dash cam video? Follow the State Patrol.
  • Need tips on keeping your family safe during disasters? Follow Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
  • How do first responders use emerging technologies to help you? Follow Emergency Communication Networks.
  • What motorcycle training classes are available? Follow the Motorcycle Safety Center.
  • Is your friendly wager on the big game legal? Follow Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement.
  • What kind of car seat will keep your child safest? Follow the Office of Traffic Safety.

And there’s so much more. We use our social media accounts to pass along information or ask for the public’s help that could help save someone’s life or solve a crime—think hit-and-run crashes, AMBER alerts, and Arson Hotline tips.

How to find our social media channels

We have them all for you in one convenient page​ on our website. Feel free to click and binge-follow us!