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Thinking about joining the Minnesota State Patrol? Read this.

May 1, 2017

Three Minnesota State Troopers
​Photo: Troopers Goodwin, Churchill and Beuning bring very different motivations and skill sets to the Minnesota State Patrol, but they have one thing in common: They love being troopers.

You wouldn’t start any career without getting to know someone in the field, right? Nor would we want you to. So we thought if you’re thinking about joining the Minnesota State Patrol, you might want to meet Troopers Patrick Beuning, Amy Churchill and Kyle Goodwin.  We asked them a few questions about what it’s like to be a state trooper, and we think you’ll be interested in their answers.

The main thing everyone is wondering, of course, is why they chose to become a trooper. Trp. Beuning says the Minnesota State Patrol is so highly respected, he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work there. For Trp. Churchill, the choice had to do with work environment: “I knew I did not want to work a 9 to 5 job. I like the freedom of being out on the open road and the opportunity to patrol several counties.” And Trp. Goodwin? He was inspired by family: “My father was a State Trooper in the Bemidji Station and I grew up seeing the excellence the State Patrol offers.”

Next, we wondered why they like being troopers so much. Trp. Goodwin loves to help get drugs off Minnesota roadways, whereas Trp. Churchill likes the teamwork involved: “I enjoy being able to provide support to other partner agencies.”  And you dog lovers out there can easily relate to Trp. Beuning’s answer. He loves “working with my K-9 partner, Alma.”

Perhaps you’d like to know why the Minnesota State Patrol is a great place to work. Don’t worry, we asked them that too.  Trp. Churchill likes it for the variety and opportunity for personal growth: “We do so much more than patrol the highways. We have the opportunity to branch out into several specialty areas and develop specific skill sets.” Trp. Beuning agrees: “It offers a lot of freedom and variety.” And for Trp. Goodwin, it comes back down to teamwork: “The State Patrol is a great team and we all work well with each other.”

Despite the fact that they wear uniforms, each state trooper is a unique human being who brings his or her own skill set to the job. Trp. Goodwin prides himself on his ability to communicate well with the public, while Trp. Churchill is skilled at helping people on a personal level and “reaching out when I see someone struggling or in need.” For Trp. Beuning, it’s a smile: “I bring a sense of humor to the job.”

The Minnesota State Patrol is currently accepting applications. No law enforcement experience is necessary; just a two- or four-year degree in any field. Learn more at, and come join our team!